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Defective Airbag Lawsuit

An airbag is a safety device activated by crash sensors to inflate instantly and cushion a driver and passengers in a collision. But some airbags fail to function properly and cause injuries, and they could […]

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Car Fire Accident Lawyer

What could be worse than a serious car collision? Such accidents become even worse when vehicle fires follow, as when a gas tank erupts due to a crash. Victims and their families may need a […]

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What Causes Tire Blowout Accidents?

Tire blowouts or tread separation has been in the news a lot because of a Firestone defective tire recall. Tread separation, however, is not a new problem. Most tires manufactured today are steel belted radial […]

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Seat Belt Defects and Failures

Though seat belts have saved many lives since they became required in vehicles in 1968, they have cost lives too. Seat belt failures have led to injury or death in many crashes, and victims of […]

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Roof Crush Accidents and Lawsuits

A roof crush car wreck can cause extremely serious injuries, including broken bones, brain damage, neck injuries, paralysis and even death. Victims and their families may need a roof crush lawyer to fight for their […]

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Car Door Latch Failures: What You Can Do

Even if a car door is closed and locked, it can swing wide open in a car wreck, exposing occupants to serious injury or death. If your family suffered due to car door failure or […]

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