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How many Americans die yearly in pedestrian accidents? Around 4,000 — and that’s not counting many more pedestrian injuries. In fact, even when auto-pedestrian accidents aren’t fatal, they can be debilitating, causing costly, life-changing injuries. And victims need justice. They need a pedestrian accident lawyer.

Our law firm can provide such a pedestrian accident attorney for Americans whose loved ones were harmed by a car, SUV, pickup, bus, motorcycle, 18-wheeler or other vehicle.

Drivers of these vehicles often hit pedestrians out of carelessness or recklessness. Even if someone is using a crosswalk, he or she can be hit by a vehicle turning a corner too quickly and failing to yield right of way to pedestrians.

Pedestrians also are injured when a driver backs up without looking behind. Pedestrians also can be injured when walking on a roadway’s shoulder or even a sidewalk, since many accidents involve cars leaving a roadway.

These injuries are not the fault of the pedestrian, who has a legal right to claim financial compensation for his or her losses, including medical expenses, lost present and future salary and pain and suffering.

Though many pedestrians are injured or killed while “jaywalking,” or crossing a street without a legally protected crosswalk, about half of all auto-pedestrian accidents are the fault of the driver.

In a recent year, nearly 60,000 pedestrians were injured and over 4,000 were killed in auto-pedestrian accidents. About one in every eight U.S. traffic deaths were in such accidents.

Pedestrian injuries often involve the head, legs and arms. No one is more vulnerable in a traffic accident than a pedestrian.

If a pedestrian is hit by a car, such injuries are likely in the legs. If hit by a larger vehicle, pedestrian injuries are higher on the body.

Pedestrians are at greater risk when it’s dark, or near dusk, and visibility isn’t good. Pedestrians also are more likely to be hit in cities, which have higher pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians also tend to be struck more by electric or hybrid cars, whose engines are more quiet. Indeed, pedestrian accidents are 40 per cent higher when they involve a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle, as opposed to a gas-powered vehicle.

If someone in your family was injured or killed in an auto-pedestrian accident which wasn’t their fault, notify our law firm as soon as possible. Just submit this website’s free case review form, as shown on this page, or call us at our toll-free 800 number. Then we’ll give you free legal advice in the form of a free legal consultation.

In the event that you then decide you need a pedestrian accident lawyer, our law firm can provide you with skilled, experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. And we can fight for your legal right to fitting and fair financial recovery after an auto-pedestrian accident.

Notify our law firm today of your auto-pedestrian accident legal needs, and let us launch the process of getting your family the payments that you legally deserve.

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