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By Jim Adler February 5, 2015

Amusement park rides injure at least 4,400 children each year. Rides which should be fun instead turn out to be harmful if not extremely dangerous. Child safety should be the chief priority.

Such amusement park rides can appear at malls, restaurants, fairs and rodeos, as well as at amusement parks. A study published in the journal called Clinical Pediatrics examined two decades of data and found that almost 93,000 children aged 17 or under had to go to an emergency room for treatment of amusement park injuries from 1990-2010.

The study was based on emergency room records of 100 hospitals throughout America.

Severe injuries were uncommon, with just 1.5 percent of children being admitted to a hospital.

Injured most often were children’s necks and heads, with soft tissue damage being the dominant form of injury, trailed by strains, sprains, fractures and concussions.

About a third of the injuries pertained to falls, and over half of those falls were by children below age 5. Other types of injuries included a child being hurt while getting on or off a ride, trapped in a ride or hit by something during a ride.

Rides at fixed amusement parks aren’t subject to federal standards, but federal standards are applied to portable carnival rides and are enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As for fixed amusement park rides, they’re regulated by local or state governments, and standards vary around the nation.

Also dangerous can be inflatable “bounce” houses, for which about 30 children are injured per day, suffering from sprains, concussions, scrapes and broken bones.

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