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Welcome to the Child Safety blog of Jim Adler & Associates. Our law firm is dedicated to the well-being and safety of children, whether we’re defending their rights in a courtroom or contributing to worthy causes.

Here we’ll keep you informed on the latest laws, recalls and other news involving child safety, whether children are in cars, on playgrounds or at home. We’ll let you know when a dangerous product is on the market or being yanked from it, and we’ll alert you about traffic laws involving children.

For instance, did you know that child car seats or booster seats are required by Texas law, depending on the child’s age and height? And are you aware of Texas laws concerning school buses? As a driver, you may be in violation and not even know it.

Check here regularly for news items on child safety in Texas and America.

School Bus Safety is Vital

Summer is still months away, so it’s still worth reminders that you can’t drive around school buses the way you drive around cars. In fact, that’s the law. If you’re driving and approach a school […]

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Child Safety Seats Are a Must

Just this week, a child in Longview was killed when his mother’s vehicle rolled over in an accident after she failed to secure the child properly — and legally. That’s right: It’s against the law […]

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Amusement Park Rides Injure 4,400 Children

Amusement park rides injure at least 4,400 children each year. Rides which should be fun instead turn out to be harmful if not extremely dangerous. Child safety should be the chief priority. Such amusement park […]

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