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Americans who need legal help to get paid for injuries caused by someone else need to know how to find a personal injury lawyer. Luckily, many avenues are available.

Ever since the 1977 Supreme Court decision Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, lawyers have been allowed to advertise their services. In other words, ads in broadcast media or in print media such as newspapers or magazines can help people find a personal injury lawyer. More recently, law firm websites have helped people find a personal injury lawyer. Such websites should show a law firm’s practice areas so you’ll know whether they can handle your type of case.

But even then, you may need more information. Some personal injury law firms may focus on mesothelioma lawsuits, while others concentrate on Jones Act lawsuits involving worker injuries at sea. Other personal injury law firms may devote themselves to traffic accident victims or even may specialize beyond that on catastrophic 18-wheeler accidents. Therefore, it pays to know how to find a personal injury lawyer who best suits your needs.

Jim Adler & Associates offers these services and more to potential clients looking to find a lawyer. Personal injury representation is available from our law firm in Texas. No other personal injury lawyers provide the level of expertise that we do when it comes to providing professional legal advice that addresses the core issues of your claim. We mean business when it comes to handling your lawsuits.

In finding a personal injury lawyer, it’s also important to know a law firm’s level of experience. Some law firms have only been around for a few years. Jim Adler & Associates has been helping thousands of injured clients for more than 40 years. That’s a proven track record of success. Why look further in your search to find a lawyer? Personal injury representation should be left to the best.

There are many methods for how to find a personal injury lawyer. For instance, some law firms, including Jim Adler & Associates, provide free legal consultations for potential clients. That way, you can size up a law firm and decide for yourself if it’s a good fit.

Another way to find a personal injury lawyer is referrals. You may contact a law firm that turns out to be wrong for your case, but they may refer you to another law firm. Also, lawyer referral services can connect potential clients to a law firm or lawyer. And when you’re trying to figure out how to find a personal injury lawyer, word-of-mouth referrals by trusted friends or family members can help you as well.

With these methods, there’s no need to wonder how to find a personal injury lawyer any longer. In fact, the right lawyer is already at your fingertips. Call and schedule a free case review with The Tough, Smart Lawyer® today and get results!

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