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Attorney Sohrab Gilani

Sohrab Gilani won’t forget how his friend and his friend’s mother were seriously injured in an auto accident when he was young. In fact, his work today as an injury lawyer was inspired by that experience.

“Seeing how my close friend, his mother and the rest of their family handled that event gave me insight to and understanding of what people go through,” says Sohrab, who was born and raised in Dallas after his family emigrated from Iran.

“One moment can shape the rest of someone’s life,” he says. Now, as an injury attorney in the Dallas office of Jim Adler & Associates, he is dedicating his career to helping fellow Texans who were harmed due to the negligence of others.

An outdoors enthusiast, Sohrab went to the University of Colorado at Boulder to earn his Bachelor’s degree in history. He then attended Oklahoma City University School of Law. After graduating, he moved to Chicago to practice law in personal injury, immigration and real estate.

But Texas remained home to Sohrab, who returned to Dallas to work exclusively in personal injury law. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, New Mexico and Illinois and has represented clients in courtrooms across Texas.

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