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FDA recalls by the Food and Drug Administration signal that a dangerous drug threatens innocent Americans. Jim Adler & Associates provides information on FDA recalls as a public service.

Some drug recalls are issued voluntarily by drug manufacturers. Other recalls are ordered directly by the FDA itself.

Many people are harmed by defective drugs before there is a FDA recall. If you, or a loved one, suffered dangerous side effects caused by a defective drug you may be able to file a defective drug lawsuit. Americans have a legal right to seek financial compensation when harmed by defective drugs.

GranuFlo Recall

A GranuFlo recall makes it clear that the product is defective. In fact, simply saying it’s defective is an understatement. When used in kidney dialysis treatments, GranuFlo Acid has killed and severely injured many Americans. […]

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DePuy Recall

If you or a family member suffered from a defective DePuy hip implant, you should know that manufacturer DePuy Orthopaedics issued a Depuy recall for such hip implants in 2010 in the United States, shortly […]

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