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Medical Device Lawsuits

Each day Americans are injured or even killed by defective medical devices. The families of such Americans need and deserve financial compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering — compensation which can come with help from a defective medical device lawyer or attorney.

Our law firm can fight for you and for justice with a defective medical device lawsuit against a manufacturer whose negligence harmed your loved one.

Americans who placed their trust in products such as these only to suffer from side effects need legal protections. Such protections can be exercised with help from an injury lawyer from our law firm.

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We can advise you on your prospects for securing a settlement in your favor. Then, if you choose to engage our law firm, we can provide you with a skilled and knowledgeable defective medical device lawyer to act on your behalf.

Has There Been an IVC Filter Recall?

Have defective retrievable IVC filters had a nationwide recall? Sadly, they have not — at least not yet. That doesn’t mean an IVC filter recall will not come at some point. As more and more […]

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IVC Filter Manufacturers

Victims of defective IVC filters that were used to prevent pulmonary embolisms or blood clots but instead caused injury are legally entitled to seek recovery payments for their medical expenses, their lost present to future […]

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IVC Filters and other DVT Treatment Options

For people facing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a pulmonary embolism, IVC filters are just one of several DVT treatment options. Considering the potential harm of a defective IVC filter device, other […]

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IVC Filter Lawsuits and Settlements

Americans who have suffered due to defective retrievable IVC filters can seek justice through legal action. With the help of experienced IVC filter attorneys, IVC filter lawsuits are achieving favorable settlements for victims and their […]

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IVC Filter Fatalities

According to studies, 39 persons or more have suffered death because of a defective IVC filter implanted in their body. Such IVC filter fatalities can be the basis of an IVC filter lawsuit on behalf […]

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IVC Filter Complications and Side Effects

Though an inferior vena cava filter can help reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism, it also can cause IVC filter complications or side effects. Victims of such injuries may be legally entitled to payments for […]

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IVC Filter Lawsuit

Many Americans are being harmed by defective medical devices called inferior vena cava filters, also known as IVC filters. IVC filter complications and injuries can be the basis of an IVC filter lawsuit. What is […]

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Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits and Attorneys

Many American women are suffering due to defective transvaginal mesh (TVM). Injuries caused by a mesh product can be painful and costly, and those costs should not be borne by the innocent victim. Transvaginal mesh […]

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Get What You Deserve With a Stryker Lawsuit

Did a member of your family suffer due to a defective Stryker hip implant? If so, please know that our law firm can fight for your legal rights to payments for your losses with a […]

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Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits and Lawyers

You’ve probably heard about defective hip implants being recalled after hip replacement surgery. But how do you know if your hip implant is one of the defective products? If you have injuries because of a […]

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Should You File a Mirena Lawsuit?

Two million American women have received an IUD, or intrauterine device, called Mirena. Mirena IUD side effects and complications include infection, migration to outside the uterus, perforation of the uterine wall, and infertility. Victims may […]

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