Recent salmonella outbreak in Texas points to Taco Bell

by Jim Adler

An outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidi food poisoning in 2011 that afflicted 68 persons in Texas and elsewhere has been linked to the Taco Bell chain, according to a report by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The fast-food restaurant chain was not identified earlier by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, apparently because such a disclosure would have come after the outbreak was over. At least, that was the CDCP’s reasoning.

But facts are facts, and in this case it appears the CDCP hid them from the public, only a year after another salmonella outbreak also was tied to Taco Bell. According to Food Safety News, Taco Bell was the likely source of 155 people becoming ill with salmonella in a 2010 outbreak.

In Oklahoma, half of 16 people who suffered salmonella during the 2011 outbreak reported to authorities that they had eaten at a Taco Bell prior to becoming ill, while some others didn’t complete the questionaire.

Around the same time, Texas had 43 reported cases of salmonella food poisoning. Other states with food-poisoning cases were Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, New Mexico, Nebraska, Tennessee and Ohio.

Food poisoning can be a serious affliction. Persons with low immunity, such as infants or the elderly, even may die from it.
According to the CDCP itself, food poisoning kills 6,000 Americans and afflicts one out of every six persons yearly.

Salmonella is the most serious form of food poisoning in such outbreaks, causing 28 per cent of food poisoning deaths and 35 per cent of food poisoning hospitalizations.

If you suddenly suffer bouts of diarrhea, cramps, fever, nausea and dehydration, you may have food poisoning. Depending on its severity, you may need to alert a physician.

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