Carnival Cruise Lawsuit

by Jim Adler

The Carnival Cruise ship Triumph disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has special meaning for Houston, Galveston and Texas. The ship departed from Port of Galveston and was due to return there, but after a disabling engine fire had to be towed to a Mobile, AL port while passengers and crew suffered on the Gulf of Mexico.

From Alabama, victims of the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph were to be flown to Houston or bussed to Houston or Galveston.

Such passengers had to endure hideous conditions on board the almost powerless ship for five days. Many of the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members must have suffered terribly due to sweltering heat, inadequate food and water, overflowing sewage, horrible odors and generally unhealthy conditions on board.

These victims of Carnival Cruise Line’s negligence have a legal right to claim financial compensation by means of a Carnival Cruise lawsuit. Such a lawsuit can seek payments for any injuries, lost wages, pain or suffering due to the Carnival Triumph disaster.

Notify an experienced cruise line lawyer or cruise ship attorney with Jim S. Adler & Associates to get legal help for your case. Don’t let Carnival Cruise Line try to escape through loopholes or deny its negligence and liability in this historic calamity at sea.

Clearly, negligence was involved on the Carnival Triumph, which departed from the Port of Galveston on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013. It was due to return to Galveston on Monday, Feb. 11, but an engine fire in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, Feb. 10 disabled the ship, which had to be towed slowly to a port in Mobile, AL. It was due to arrive there by Thursday afternoon, Feb. 14.

Returning passengers are advised to save all tickets and documents from Carnival related to their voyage. Then they should contact a skilled cruise ship lawyer at Jim S. Adler & Associates to explore their chances for a successful Carnival Cruise lawsuit.

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