Corpus Christi to Ban Calling While Driving

by Jim Adler

Talking and DrivingWith distracted drivers causing over 13% of Texas traffic deaths, Corpus Christi has had enough. Its city council has crafted a law that allows only hands-free cell phone use while driving.

The fine for driving while calling or texting on handheld phones will be $500.

State lawmakers have been unable to pass such laws, due to Gov. Rick Perry vetoing on the grounds they would “micromanage the behavior of adults.” Yet many municipalities are drawing a line and setting limits by passing local laws to stem the tide.

Already banning texting while driving are Arlington, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Bellaire and West University Place. Corpus Christi’s law would allow exceptions, such as using your phone in an emergency or while driving on private property.

One city councilman calls himself “a recovering cell phone addict” who saw the light and now uses strictly a hands-free phone while driving.

Any phone use while driving can distract, but Corpus Christi is heading in the right direction.

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