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Are you looking for a good personal injury lawyer in Houston, San Antonio or Dallas? If so, finding such a lawyer for you depends on your individual needs. But know this: Jim Adler & Associates is a Houston-based law firm that’s successfully assisted personal injury lawsuits in Texas for almost 40 years.

If that means taking a car accident case to court, that’s what we do, in a Houston auto accident lawsuit. Or if that means negotiating a settlement in our client’s favor with a defendant or an insurance company, that’s what we do, too.

We do what it takes to help you get the money you deserve after an accident injury which wasn’t your fault. And we hope that makes us your best personal injury lawyer for Houston.

Doing what it takes may mean a traffic accident or car wreck. It may mean an 18 wheeler accident or pedestrian accident. It may mean a defective drug injury due to manufacturer negligence. It may mean a defective product lawsuit involving a car or household device which fails and injures the owner.

For virtually any type of personal injury, Jim Adler & Associates is your Houston law firm that’s ready to back you up and champion your case in the legal arena.

Whether that means we’ve got the best personal injury lawyer for Houston for you is for you to decide. But we’ll be glad to help you make that assessment by offering you free legal advice or a free case review when you contact us, either by phone or through this site’s online case review form. (All information is private.)

And with no up-front legal fees to pay for our legal services, you won’t be writing us a check or paying us any money out of pocket. That’s because our Texas law firm only will be paid if we win your case for you, and then solely from a portion of the personal injury settlement you receive.

Do we have your best personal injury lawyer for Houston? You decide. And when you do, if you need or want an Adler attorney, give us a call or a click and let’s get busy getting you the money you need and deserve.

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