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Bill Adler The Texas Injury Lawyer

Attorney Bill Adler always remembers a girl who was burned beyond recognition.

As a boy he’d often visit the law firm his father founded, and one day he encountered the burned girl and her father, who were there for a meeting.

“I’ll never forget that,” said Adler, who’s been an attorney at Jim Adler & Associates’ principal office in Houston since August of 2011, soon after graduating from Oklahoma City University School of Law. “Even then I felt the importance of the firm — of my dad — helping a family after a tragedy.”

That wasn’t the only thing that inspired Bill to become a personal injury lawyer and join his father’s firm. He also relishes working with his Dad and being able, one day, to “keep the family business going. My siblings became a doctor, a school teacher and a physician’s assistant, so it was up to me, and I welcome that.”

Now Bill handles managerial duties and hundreds of cases. He often negotiates settlements on behalf of clients but also goes to court when needed. And he’s still learning from his father, “the Texas Hammer.”

‘A Good Teacher’

“He’s a good teacher,” Bill says. “He’s stern when he has to be, but nice the vast majority of the time, and very helpful and insightful. He taught me how to carry myself — how to handle myself in negotiations. He’s taught me since I was born, and he’s still teaching me today.” His famous father also is sharing the spotlight. Bill now appears in TV ads across Texas touting the firm’s services – and he appears alongside Jim Adler, who helped pioneer legal advertising as the “tough, smart lawyer.”

“Now it’s both of us — double trouble,” Bill says “We do what we need to do to fight for people’s rights and make insurance companies pay what they owe. People want someone who can be tough with those companies and get them what they deserve.”

If anything, Bill shares his Dad’s soft spot for children. “Outside the firm, I’m involved in many programs to help underprivileged kids, whether it’s providing school supplies, eyewear, books or laptops or helping them pay for their school lunch bills and learn about nutrition.”

Busy As a Bee

The graduate of St. Thomas High School and Texas Christian University (with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice) also is an avid beekeeper, with a hive in his backyard from which he harvests honey. “It’s a cool craft that not many people practice, and it helps with flowering, since bees pollinate everything,” Bill says. “I also love to garden when I can and do manual labor on my farm — planting trees, building fences.”

As a boy growing up in Southwest Houston, he played baseball in Westbury Little League, and also often spent Saturdays or vacations helping out at the law firm his father built.

Now he’s part of it. After passing the Texas Bar exam, Bill became licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Texas. He’s licensed in the State of Texas and Southern District of Texas, and professional memberships include the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and American Association of Justice. Bill also is a member of the State Bar of Texas.

In a way, he’s just getting started. Bill is still growing – as a lawyer, and as the kind of man he respected and revered as a boy. Side by side with his father, Bill Adler is keeping the flame burning for a law firm that started small, but over the years has become a beacon of hope for thousands of injured Texans.
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