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Scott Frase

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Scott Frase

Attorney Scott Frase believes there is no better area of the law for a trial lawyer than personal injury. As a litigation attorney in the Houston office of personal injury law firm Jim Adler & Associates, he has the opportunity to “change the trajectory of people’s lives.”

“Many of my clients come to me with life-altering events and feel like their world has fallen apart,” Scott says. “I get to help put those pieces back together. By the time a case goes to trial, my clients have shared so much of their lives with me that I feel like a family member. To fight for someone when you feel that kind of connection is truly special.”

For the law firm, he files lawsuits to handle cases via out-of-court settlements or trial verdicts. Though many personal injury cases are settled out of court, Scott welcomes the chance to face a trial jury and argue for his clients.

“Being a trial lawyer, I have a fascination with juries,” he says. “The jury system is part of the backbone of American democracy. I’m passionate about protecting the right to trial by jury and helping my clients exercise that right. Juries are the voice of the community, and I’m proud each time a jury steps up for another member of their community.”

A native of Irving, TX, Scott was raised in Longview. He earned a BBA degree in Sports Sponsorship and Sales from Baylor University in 2006 and a juris doctorate from South Texas College of Law in 2011.

“No single person inspired me to be a lawyer,” Scott says. “But I was inspired by family, professors and friends to seek a profession that best suits my talents and abilities. Fortunately, it also happens to be something I love.”

“I’m a natural protector and wanted something that would constantly challenge me. Becoming a lawyer was the perfect fit.”

Scott believes all personal injury cases are newsworthy.

“It’s David versus Goliath every time. Insurance companies have the resources and money to fight injured victims every step of the process, and they do. Each time I settle a case or obtain a verdict, the little guy triumphed over the odds.”

Scott is a member of the State Bar of Texas and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. He was a Houston Young Lawyers Leadership Academy Member in 2012 and is a 2019 Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star.

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