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If you or a loved one in your family has been injured in a bicycle accident when struck by a car, SUV, pickup truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle, you need the help of qualified, professional bicycle accident lawyers to protect your legal rights.

Though a relatively low number of Americans travel using a bicycle compared to people in other countries, accidents are still all too common. There has been an increasing amount of bicycle-related fatalities, which has been recognized as a growing problem by many governing groups. It’s been estimated that as many as 494,000 emergency-room visits resulted from bicycle-related injuries in just one year (2013). Despite many bicyclists making attempts to stay safe, accidents still and will happen and can be deadly. This often occurs because drivers of larger vehicles fail to yield to bicyclists.

The resulting injuries can be among the worst suffered on our roads. A bicycle rider is largely unprotected, even when wearing a helmet, and can be severely injured in a crash with a far larger vehicle. Severe injuries can lead to lifelong losses and costs, such as when a bicycle rider suffers a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or amputation. In terms of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other things, the costs and losses can be exceedingly high.

Injuries suffered often are severe and expensive, and those expenses shouldn’t be shouldered by an innocent victim when a reckless driver caused the crash. Drivers are aware that they need to be vigilant when they see a bike. Accident lawyers can fight for your legal right to be paid for your medical costs, lost present and future salary, and pain and suffering due to a driver’s negligence. To make them pay, victims and their families need a bicycle injury lawyer to fight for their rights in the legal arena. Our law firm can provide such legal help. Our law firm has more than 40 years of experience helping injured people get the money they need and deserve and contains many knowledgeable bicycle accident attorneys who are very familiar with relevant Texas state and federal laws.

How much will a bicycle accident lawyer provided by our law firm cost you in terms of legal fees? Actually, such legal help will cost you nothing from your own pocket. That’s because injury lawyers in our law firm work on a contingency fee basis. That means our bicycle accident attorneys aren’t paid by you at all unless they win their case, and even then, they’re paid only from a portion of the settlement amount gained in your favor.

Such settlements may mean your bicycle injury attorney must confront your insurance company to compel it to pay what you merit as a policyholder. Insurance companies often tend to deny, delay, or underpay what they rightly owe their clients, and a personal injury attorney is needed to compel the payments that are victims’ legal right. In some cases, that may involve filing a bicycle accident lawsuit on your behalf. But be advised that the majority of such lawsuits are settled by negotiations out of court, with no need for a trial.

How do you get started? That’s easy. Just submit this website’s form so that one of our bicycle accident lawyers can review your case. We’ll then provide you with a free case review and legal advice about your potential suit, helping you to decide how you want to proceed. If the next step is to find bicycle accident attorneys who will help you in your case, we can provide one. The team at Jim Adler & Associates are experienced with personal injury suits and can start working to help you make your claim and get the money you deserve. Contact us and see why Jim Adler is known as The Tough, Smart Lawyer®!

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