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Even if a car door is closed and locked, it can swing wide open in a car wreck, exposing occupants to serious injury or death. If your family suffered due to car door failure or door latch failure, notify our law firm. You may need a door latch failure lawyer for your case.

When a car door flings open unexpectedly in a crash, drivers or passengers can be thrown from the vehicle and be injured or killed. When a defective door latch is to blame for the door opening, victims and their families have a legal right to seek payments for losses due to this failure.

A door latch failure attorney can claim such payments for victims, as is their legal right.

Our law firm has been helping people injured in car wrecks for 40 years. Now we can help you too. An experienced door latch failure lawyer with our law firm can identify why a door latch failed and lay the blame where it belongs, perhaps on a designer or manufacturer.

Some car models are especially known for accidents involving door latch failure. In fact, over three million vehicles made by Ford have become associated with door latch failure, which can be catastrophic, particularly in a rollover accident.

Ford investigated its own vehicles and found that numerous door latches had been poorly made, with the result that Ford doors were opening during a car crash. Among Ford models known for such door latch failures were 1997-2000 models of the Ford F-150 pickup truck, the Ford F-250 truck, the Ford Expedition, the Lincoln Navigator and the Blackwood.

GM, or General Motors, also became associated with door latch failure accidents in the 1990s, when up to 112 persons died after being thrown from their car in a crash. Such victims’ families have a legal right to seek payments for their losses by means of a door latch failure lawsuit.

A door latch failure accident can be extremely dangerous since victims, when ejected from a vehicle, can strike a curb, pavement, another vehicle or other unyielding objects.

Injuries due to a defective door latch can include fractured bones, amputated limbs, paralysis and traumatic brain injury. Such injuries can be debilitating and lifelong, causing enormous costs in terms of medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

If the car’s door latch had not failed, such persons might have survived and suffered less injury. But being hurled from an open car door during an impact can be catastrophic, if not deadly.

Who is responsible for this? It’s not the innocent victim. It’s the designer or maker of the defective door latch. And that’s where a door latch failure attorney or lawyer comes in.

Notify our law firm today for a free legal consultation, and decide if you want to proceed with a door latch failure lawsuit. Just call our toll-free number or send us the free case review form on this page, and we’ll respond promptly.

Don’t let a physical calamity be compounded by a financial one. Get a door latch failure lawyer from our law firm, and get results.

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