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Rollover accidents involve a vehicle rolling over onto its side or its roof or perhaps even coming to rest upright after a complete rollover. Occupants often are ejected from a vehicle during a rollover crash, which can be fatal or cause debilitating injuries. The costs of such crashes may merit involving a rollover accident lawyer.

If you’ve been seriously injured during a collision involving a sport utility vehicle, contact the Texas Hammer® at Jim Adler & Associates to handle your personal injury claim. A San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas personal injury lawyer is available to offer counsel and our law firm will provide an SUV rollover attorney that best suits your needs. Call now to schedule your free case review with a competent SUV rollover lawyer today!

An SUV is more likely to roll over in a crash, since such vehicles tend to be especially top-heavy and also have a narrow wheel base. Those elements contribute to a rollover crash.

How often do rollover accidents occur? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the United States has more than 280,000 rollover accidents yearly, and these involve more than 10,000 deaths.

You owe it to yourself to hire an SUV rollover attorney to handle your case. A rollover accident lawyer will bring to light the number of options available for receiving compensation after a rollover accident occurs. Why wait any longer to hire an SUV rollover lawyer? Contact Jim Adler & Associates for free professional legal advice concerning your lawsuit today!

A rollover accident may involve two or more vehicles crashing, but it also can involve a single vehicle rolling over, perhaps due to a tire blowout, an obstruction in the roadway, speeding, or other driver errors. Many single-vehicle rollover accidents happen regularly in the United States. In fact, an estimated nine out of 10 SUV rollovers constitute a single-vehicle accident. But rollover accidents can occur for virtually any type of vehicle, not just SUVs, and they may involve multiple vehicles.

One element that makes rollover wrecks catastrophic is “roof crush.” This means a vehicle comes to rest upside-down, on its roof, and the roof cannot support the weight of the vehicle. That leads to roof crush, with the roof collapsing and the vehicle crushing those persons within it.

To some degree, a roof-crush accident killing or injuring passengers is the fault of the auto manufacturer, since the vehicle was not built with supports strong enough to support it after a rollover onto its roof. But bad drivers who caused another vehicle’s rollover also are accountable.

Yet any kind of rollover accident can be extremely serious. Victims often suffer head injuries or what’s known as traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Others suffer paralysis or amputation of limbs.

Such rollover accident injuries can lead to devastating costs for victims. When the rollover accident was someone else’s fault, victims should not shoulder the burden of these costs. Instead, they can engage a rollover accident lawyer to proceed with a lawsuit on their behalf.

Our law firm can provide you with such an attorney. But first, you must contact us. Please send us the case review form provided on this page, or call our toll-free number. We’ll respond promptly to you to offer you a free case review.

Then, it’s up to you. You can choose to proceed or not to proceed with a rollover accident lawsuit.

Keep in mind that most injury lawsuits are settled out of court, with no need for a trial. Our law firm can fight for such a settlement for you, or, if needed, we can go to court and litigate on your behalf.

Trust Jim Adler & Associates if you need a rollover or Houston car accident attorney to represent you. We have fought for more than 30 years to help injured people receive justice when they needed it. A rollover accident lawyer will help you receive the compensation you deserve. If you wish to file a claim with a rollover accident attorney, contact our office and ask for The Tough, Smart Lawyer®.

Let us help with your family’s rollover accident legal needs. We’d love to put our talents to work for you.

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