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General Motors, or GM, has made an SUV recall of 189,000 vehicles due to a fire risk. It’s the third recent GMC recall over defective power window controls which could start a fire.

Vehicles affected include the Chevy TrailBlazer, Buick Rainier, Saab 97-X, Isuzu Ascender and GMC Envoy. Such vehicles were sold to persons in North America and come mostly from the 2006 and 2007 model years.

How serious is this GM SUV recall? It’s serious enough that GM has urged owners to park recalled SUVs outside rather than in a garage until repairs are made as part of the recall. If not, GM is concerned that the vehicle to catch fire while left unattended in a garage.

That means some drivers will be parking outside their garage for a couple of months. GM doesn’t expect for dealers to receive parts for fixing defective power window switches until October — and maybe later.

Meanwhile, GM has asked dealers to cease sales of pre-owned older SUVs which are part of the recall, at least until the defects have been fixed.

People who already own the recalled SUVs started alerting authorities in early 2012 about fires in their controls for driver doors and power windows. At first GM made no recall. But finally, in June of 2014, GM made a GM recall of SUVs with a power-window control fire risk.

Now GM has added a new fire risk recall to that earlier recall.

People who own the recalled SUVs can expect to receive a notice in the mail from GM, alerting them to the problem. Then they’ll get another letter to tell them when GM dealers have secured the necessary parts to repair the defect.

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