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Though sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, have been marketed as safer vehicles, they can still result in dangerous and sometimes lethal accidents. Thousands of Americans nationwide have fallen victim to SUV wrecks, which can be more dangerous due to these vehicles’ bulky size and the risks and dangers of rollovers. Victims need a reliable, professional SUV accident lawyer to help them, with years of expertise in personal injury and vehicle accident lawsuits. In Texas, there’s a lawyer with more than four decades of experience: Jim Adler.

Rollovers and the Dangers of Faulty SUV Design

SUV crashes can have a variety of causes, including reckless driving. But these vehicles also have design flaws that make them more likely to have a crash, including a tendency to have SUV rollovers. They occur in part because the vehicles are designed to be top-heavy and have a narrow wheelbase. Both of these elements can contribute to a rollover if the vehicle tilts during a turn or is struck by another vehicle in a collision.

Such events can cause catastrophic injuries or even death due not only to design defects that lead to rollovers but also to design defects that cause “roof crush” after a rollover. Roof crush means that a vehicle has landed upside down, or on its roof, and the roof collapses beneath the weight of the vehicle, since it lacks a design that can support that weight. Occupants can then be crushed or killed, and even if they survive, they may suffer severe brain damage in the form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This defective design can make an average collision into a suddenly fatal SUV accident. Attorney Jim Adler knows that faulty equipment leads to the deaths of Americans every day, and SUVs are no exception.

Indeed, even though SUV rollovers accounted for just three percent of all United States traffic accidents in a recent year, those same rollovers accounted for almost 33 percent of all U.S. vehicle occupant fatalities. Clearly, SUV accidents are especially damaging to victims. In fact, statistics show that a person riding in an SUV is three times more likely to die in a rollover crash than a person riding in a normal passenger car.

Get Legal Advice From an Experienced SUV Accident Lawyer

Clearly, this is a special form of traffic accident, one that causes far more suffering for innocent Americans due to the very nature of an SUV. Accident attorney Jim Adler and his team of legal professionals at his Texas-based law firm have been fighting this battle for a long time. If someone in your family suffered injury or death in an SUV accident, lawyer help, legal advice, and a free case review are available. Fill out our review form or call 1-800-505-1414.

We will fight for your rights to financial compensation, including payments for your medical bills, lost present and future wages, and pain and suffering due to the SUV crash. But don’t worry about your lawsuit involving a lengthy courtroom trial. The majority of personal injury lawsuits are resolved via out-of-court settlements, and no trial is necessary. We can work to do this for you and your case.

You also needn’t worry about paying out of your own pocket. Our law firm works on a contingency basis, which means we aren’t paid unless we win. And even then, we’re paid only from the settlement amount and not directly by you.

If you’re considering filing a claim or a lawsuit, you need an SUV accident lawyer who’s familiar with these types of cases and the types of defective SUVs that endanger so many innocent Americans. Consider the Texas Hammer®, who is thoroughly experienced in personal injury lawsuits and serves as Texas’s trusted SUV accident attorney.

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