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Accidents involving pickup trucks are alarmingly common. The very nature of the pickup truck and its usage can be to blame. Such crashes may require a truck accidents lawyer from our law firm to help victims claim justice.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pickup trucks are three times more likely to be in a deadly rollover crash than other types of vehicles. Rollover crashes produce the most injuries and fatalities of any type of roadway crash. These rollovers can be due to a pickup having design flaws, making it more likely to roll over, or having weight shifting due to carrying heavy loads in the truck bed. Rollovers are just one reason to get a truck accident lawyer involved in your case.

In some cases, poor design may lead to “roof crush” in a rollover accident. This means the weight of the heavy vehicle causes it to collapse on itself when it rolls over and upside down. Proper structural supports of a pickup’s roof can avoid this; unfortunately, many truck models lack these strong supports. If a roof was part of the reason an injury occurred, seek help from an experienced truck accident attorney.

Some pickup trucks can cause accidents by having debris in the truck bed fly out and strike another vehicle or perhaps cause other vehicles to crash when they swerve to avoid it in the roadway. An experienced truck accident attorney can help prove the case and seek out damages for the affected vehicle. The same thing that makes pickups desirable for many owners, an open bed for hauling things, can make for a serious traffic hazard when items aren’t properly secured and the truck hits a bump in the road.

Pickup truck beds also are used as trash cans on wheels, with owners tossing cans, bottles, papers, and other debris into the back. This debris may fly into the windshield of a trailing vehicle at high speeds, causing a crash. Debris spilling from the beds of pickup trucks has injured or killed many Americans.

Speaking of truck beds, did you know it’s illegal in Texas for anyone under 18 years old to ride in a pickup’s bed? Yet many children do it and many adults allow it. As a result, individuals suffer horrible injuries or even death in truck accidents because they’re exposed and not restrained in the back of a truck. An estimated 200 people die each year in a crash while riding in the open bed of a pickup truck. Each one of these families deserves representation by a dedicated truck accident lawyer.

In some situations, pickup trucks are accident-prone because they tow trailers, boats, or other vehicles. A trailer can swerve out of control or even disconnect from the pickup, causing a crash. Pickup trucks also tend to be larger and heavier than most sedans or passenger cars. In a crash, a pickup can do terrible damage to victims in smaller vehicles.

Though more safety elements have been introduced to pickup trucks in recent years, older models remain potentially dangerous. Some newer vehicles have had a pickup truck recall, including recent safety recalls of the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, and Chevrolet Silverado. Our trucking accident attorneys keep up to date with the latest recalls as well as the negative impact these flaws have on truck drivers and others out on the road.

For these and other reasons, many Americans are injured or killed in pickup truck accidents each year. These victims and their families deserve financial compensation, and that’s where we enter the picture. It is important to seek assistance from a truck wreck lawyer that sees the big picture and can help a family find the closure and compensation they need.

We fight for the legal rights of victims in pickup truck accidents by providing a professional truck lawyer to represent you. If your family suffered such a tragedy, call our toll-free number or submit your free case review form today. Let our law firm help you claim compensation for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, by filing a truck accident lawsuit on your behalf. When it comes to finding a reliable truck accident injury lawyer, you’ve come to the right place.

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