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Van accidents can be among the most damaging of all traffic accidents. Why? For one thing, van passengers often aren’t protected as much as passengers in smaller cars, especially when riding in a 15-passenger van. If they become victims in van accidents, these persons have a legal right to a van accident lawsuit.

Van accidents also can be severely damaging because many vans are top-heavy, not just in design but due to the fact that they often carry a large number of occupants. Being top-heavy then makes the van more unstable and thus more likely to have a devastating van rollover accident.

Riding in a large van, as opposed to a smaller passenger car, also means that, in a crash, injuries are more likely to occur due to objects or passengers being hurled around the vehicle’s larger interior, as in a bus accident.

Again, 15-passenger vans in particular can be very dangerous. In fact, such vans are five times more likely to have a rollover crash when fully occupied than when just the driver is in the vehicle.

Dangers such as these are why the NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has issued warnings regarding the rollover dangers of 15-passenger vans. In fact, such vans tend to be even more unstable than even SUVs, which have rollover tendencies, and also more unstable than pickup trucks.

As the NHTSA found, 80 per cent of persons who perished in rollover accidents of 15-passenger vans in a recent year weren’t wearing seatbelts — which aren’t always provided on vans, as with buses.

Why, then, are so many 15-passenger vans operated? First, they originally were designed for cargo, not people, and ever were adequately modified for carrying large numbers of passengers. But that’s what they became, when used widely by churches, schools, businesses and organizations which needed to transport groups of people from place to place — but groups not large enough to merit a bus.

Such vehicles can include the Dodge Ram Wagon B350, the Ford Econoline or E-Series and the Chevrolet Express 3500. When all makes and models are combined, America has about half a million such vans on the roads — vans with inherent dangers due to their design and due to their fully-loaded usage.

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