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After a traffic accident, get yourself, your passengers and your vehicle to safety as soon as possible, and if immediate medical care is needed, call 911. Also call for police assistance. If you are able, use your cell phone or a camera to photograph the entire accident scene, including damages to every vehicle, other drivers’ license plate numbers, the vehicles’ positions in relation to each other, the roadway itself, nearby traffic signs or lights and even the weather and time of day at the wreck site. Also take photos of injuries to you or fellow passengers. Try to get statements and contact information from witnesses who can help you. Also notify your insurance carrier — and notify a car accident lawyer with our law firm. Do not sign anything except for a traffic ticket, if you are issued one. This is not an admission of guilt. Do not make any formal statements to an insurance company until you have consulted a car crash attorney. Let a car wreck lawyer with our law firm guide you through the process of protecting your legal rights and seeking financial compensation for your injury losses in a traffic accident you did not cause.
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