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Were you hurt in a car accident which was someone else’s fault? If so, should you try to negotiate your own settlement — or hire a lawyer?

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Lawyer

  • Lawyers help prevent insurance companies from denying, delaying or underpaying claims.
  • Even after attorney fees, injury victims on average get 3½ times more money when represented by a lawyer, says the non-profit Insurance Resource Council, supported by the insurance industry.
  • Your car accident lawyer won’t get paid unless you win.
  • You won’t pay an injury lawyer from your own pocket. Attorney fees come only from the settlement if you win.
  • Hire an attorney so you can focus on your recovery while we do the work.
  • Jim Adler has the experience. We’ve helped thousands of injured people get the money they deserve.
  • Get a Free Case Review right now and find out how we can help.
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