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By Jim Adler April 21, 2016

bike helmet

A good bicycle helmet can help make sure that a fun bike ride is not ruined by an injury. Photo by Jeremy Bronson (Flickr)

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in many states, but helmets are something everyone should wear while bicycling regardless of the laws. Many of the worst bike accident injuries could have been prevented or minimized if the rider had worn a helmet. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that bike accidents without helmets caused approximately 26,000 traumatic brain injuries in 2010. Insurance companies have to determine how to treat bike accident claims when an accident occurs, and not wearing a helmet can affect your bike accident compensation. If you are wearing your helmet and someone else is responsible for your injuries, then protect your rights by getting a good bike accident attorney to represent you. If you do not wear a helmet, now is a good time to start: Here is a short list of some of the best bicycle helmet manufacturers in the world that you can use to make your helmet-buying decision.


The experts at Specialized understand all of the considerations that go into designing a good bicycle helmet. Along with being durable, Specialized helmets are designed to be aerodynamic, visually appealing, and comfortable. Whether you race or are just a casual bicyclist, Specialized’s products can help you to avoid major bike accident injuries and help you to maximize the fun in your next ride.

Bell Helmets

If you talk to any bike accident attorney, you may be surprised at how many times Bell Helmets is mentioned in the conversation. Bell is well-known for its motorcycle helmets, which made it easy for the company to become an industry leader with bicycle helmets. Victims of bike accidents without helmets could have prevented many of their injuries by looking into what Bell has to offer. Bell has helmet designs based on their popular line of dirt bike helmets as well as special collector helmets for movie and cartoon fans. Bell’s unique designs are created to offer maximum protection for every part of your head. Many of the designs are well-ventilated for comfort, and they all come with Bell’s innovative interior insert.

POC Sports

POC Sports is best known for its racing and long-distance cycling helmets, which means that this is a company that understands how to combine comfort and reliability into a helmet. But POC also has an extensive line of street helmets that will help you to avoid being at the center of significant bike accident claims. POC Sports invests money into a team of design engineers who are constantly finding new ways to make bicycle helmets safer, lighter, and more effective.

SCOTT Sports

Aside from helping to prevent the need for bike accident compensation, SCOTT Sports is world-renowned for its unique designs that emphasize safety and speed. SCOTT Sports has heavy-duty racing helmets as well as durable street helmets that can be used on any roadway. With a collection of innovative looks and efficient helmets, SCOTT has the answers you have been looking for in high-quality bicycle helmets.

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