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Burn Injury

Burn Injury

A burn Injury Can Occur In Almost Any Accident.

Burn Injury Lawyer

The American Burn Association estimates that 486,000 people will be injured in burn accidents in 2016. Of those 486,000 victims, 40,000 will be hospitalized and 3,275 will die from their injuries.

When you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury due to fire, you will want to consider hiring a Houston burn injury lawyer. You cannot allow someone’s negligence to cause you injury without getting the kind of legal help that will get you the compensation you deserve.

In Texas, where industrial accidents occur on a regular basis, you need to be aware of what types of burns you could be exposed to and what type of burn injury attorney you will need to watch over you.

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Children Are Also At Risk

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that fires and drowning were the two most common types of accidents suffered by children in the United States four years old and younger from 2000 to 2006. While many of these accidents occur in public places, many are due to residential issues.

If you are visiting a home and your child gets burned, then you should not hesitate to seek out professional medical and legal assistance. Your child’s injuries could require years of rehabilitation, and a good attorney can make sure that you get the funds you need to have your child treated for as long as necessary.

There Are Many Different Types Of Fires

Thermal: Thermal fires include flash fires, scalds, contact, and flame. This is the type of fire most people are familiar with, and these are the types of fires that most commonly affect people around the country. Flash fires can occur when fire is contained in an area and then suddenly released, such as fire behind a door in a burning building. Scalds occur when a hot liquid of any type makes contact with the skin. Contact fire injuries are the burns you get from touching a hot pan on the stove or when you lean up against a pipe you did not know was hot. Flame fires are the most common and can occur under any circumstances.

Chemical: Chemical fires occur most commonly in industrial or research settings. In some cases, chemical burns can be extremely destructive because of their natural reactions to elements found in human skin.

Radiological: Radiological fires are most common in research and industrial settings, but they can also occur in a medical facility with malfunctioning equipment. Radiological burns often need to be treated for a long period of time before they are considered safe.

Electrical: Electrical burns occur when someone gets caught in a running current or grabs onto two wires and helps to complete a current. Electrical burns can often do more internal than external damage, which makes them difficult to treat.

Choose An Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer To Represent You

It is important that you avoid choosing burn injury attorneys that have no experience because a burn injury lawsuit can be extremely complicated to bring before a court. We are available to review your personal injury claim to protect you and your family. Call Jim Adler today if you have been involved in a serious burn injury incident.

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