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By Jim Adler August 9, 2016

As drivers or pedestrians, we know we could be subject to injuries — even death — due to  vehicles in our vicinity crashing into us. But how many of us expect cars to crash into our homes?

Causes of Cars Crashing Into Homes

Cars crashing into homes may sound bizarre, but such accidents occur with alarming frequency.

The causes of such crashes?

Often they happen late at night or in the early morning hours when motorists have become too drunk to drive.

They also happen due to drivers being distracted by cell phones or other elements. Perhaps a driver was so intent on playing Pokemon Go that he or she drove off a road and into a house.

Inexperienced drivers lacking strong control of a vehicle also can lose control and cause a car to crash into a home.

Sometimes cars crashing into homes involve the terrain and environment, such as poorly illuminated streets with unexpected changes in the roadway.

Such crashes also can involve mechanical failures in vehicles, such as a blow-out of a tire when a vehicle is moving at high speed and then veers off of a roadway.

Cars crashing into homes also can involve drivers who experience a medical emergency which incapacitates them and leads to a crash.

In other cases, drivers of stolen vehicles have been known to speed recklessly and sometimes crash onto residential property.

Drivers even have been known to crash into a house after being shot while at the wheel.

Regardless of the cause, cars crashing into homes or other buildings not only can cause extensive damages to structures, but also can injure or kill drivers, as well the persons who are inside or near such structures. Innocent bystanders’ injuries can be the basis of car wreck lawsuits.

Cases of Cars Crashing Into Homes

Just this year, cases of cars crashing into homes have included:

A Toyota minivan crashed into a home in Stafford, Texas, near Houston, around 6:45 a.m. on July 27, and the driver was transported to an area hospital. The minivan had rammed past a fence and then into the rear of the home, whose occupants were not injured. Police said the driver was a middle-aged woman who appeared to have been going to work, and no drugs or alcohol were found.

On March 24, 2016, a stolen car went out of control and slammed into a Northeast Houston home. A man within the home almost was struck by the vehicle but was not injured. The suspected car thief suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital.

On Jan. 1, 2016, an apparently drunk driver from Arlington, Texas, crashed into an apartment and a house in Hurst, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. No injuries were reported.

On June 26, 2016, a pickup truck crashed into a house in Dallas’ Oak Cliff area, injuring two persons who were inside. Shortly before 6 a.m., a Chevrolet Avalanche went off a road and hit the house, knocking down an exterior wall and a segment of its roof. The victims were taken to a hospital.

On March 10, 2016, a driver was killed when his SUV slammed into a tree and then a house in Arlington, Texas. Dead was Tyler Phillips, 25, of Arlington. He reportedly had been drinking at a nearby bar before the crash. No one in the house was injured.

On May 28, 2016 in San Antonio, a driver who’d been shot several times crashed into a house. He was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, largely from his injuries due to gunfire.

On Jan. 17, 2016, also in San Antonio, a man who’d just bought a new pickup truck crashed into a house when it went out of control at a high rate of speed just before midnight. No injuries were reported.

Cars Hitting Homes Is Almost Routine

Clearly, cars crashing into homes is a regular, if still bizarre, occurrence. In fact, cars hitting homes is almost routine.

Homeowners can’t do much to prevent it, but they can contact Jim Adler & Associates to protect their legal rights if an unwelcome multi-ton visitor comes barreling through a wall and into their living room.

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