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By Jim Adler March 3, 2016

A child born with birth defects normally requires special care throughout the course of their entire life. There are many causes for birth defects, and some instances might require the services of a birth defects attorney. As parents prepare for the arrival of their new child, it is always a good idea to be familiar with the potential causes of birth defects so that those parents can avoid situations that are within their control. Parents should also be aware of situations when it may be time to call in a birth defect lawyer to defend the rights of the family and the child.

While the majority of birth defects begin to form in the first three months of a pregnancy, it is important to note that a birth defect can form at any time during prenatal development. A child is continuously growing within the mother’s womb, and it is possible for problems to arise as the child’s organs and skeletal system develop. Some of the causes of birth defects early in a pregnancy are cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking illegal drugs. Even prescription medication needs to be properly monitored to be safe during a pregnancy. While these causes can be devastating early in the pregnancy, they can also create physical problems for the baby as the last two trimesters occur.

Prescription medication that is improperly prescribed during a pregnancy can be a cause of birth defects that would require the services of a birth defects attorney after the child is born. A doctor’s negligence could cause problems for a child’s entire life, and that doctor should be prevented from making that mistake on another patient in the future. A situation that would not require the services of a birth defect lawyer is a birth defect due to genetics. Some families show a tendency to have certain types of birth defects, and that can be difficult to prevent in a new child. When two parents from families with histories of birth defects have a child, then the chances of that child experiencing some form of defect are increased tremendously.

Other factors that cause birth defects include mothers who have diabetes or some other type of chronic condition while carrying the baby to term. Mothers over the age of 34 also tend to experience more birth defects than younger mothers with similar medical histories. Obesity is a condition that can cause birth defects in a child, and that situation can become unpredictable as the mother gains weight during the pregnancy.

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