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By Jim Adler September 22, 2016

Texans who take a chartered bus to their destination may fail to arrive. Tragic charter bus accidents have taken many lives, including a May 14, 2016 crash off Highway 83 in Webb County near Laredo which killed nine persons and injured more than 40 others.

Charter Bus Passengers’ Rights

In the event of a commercial bus or charter bus accident, it’s important to know that bus company passengers have legal rights.

When a charter bus is owned or operated by governmental entities, those rights can be more difficult to establish in terms of liability. Also, privately owned charter bus companies may have quick deadlines to file notices involving the crash.

In short, a charter bus lawsuit can be far different than an auto accident lawsuit.

However, Texas law provides that charter bus owners or operators are known as “common carriers,” which means they are held to a higher standard of trust since persons place their lives in the bus operators’ hands. Common carriers are strictly held to a duty to make sure that serious accidents don’t happen, and their status as common carriers may make liability easier to establish.

In the event of a charter bus, commercial bus or tour bus crash, families of victims can shift the pressure to an experienced and knowledgeable charter bus company accident attorney or personal injury lawyer with Jim Adler & Associates. We can’t say “Leave the driving to us,” but we can say “Leave the legal remedies to us.”

Charter Bus Accident Lawsuits

With help from an Adler bus accident attorney, your family may file a charter bus accident lawsuit to claim payments for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Depending on the circumstances, such a charter bus crash lawsuit can target negligence on the part of:

  • The bus driver whose inexperience, inattentiveness, fatigue, drug use, driver error or other negligence may have caused the accident
  • The charter bus company which may have failed to provide a safe vehicle or a safe driver
  • Any other owner or operator of a charter bus, including a government entity
  • The insurance company representing the charter bus owner or operator
  • The bus manufacturer in the event of defects in the bus
  • The bus maintenance crew in the event of poor or improper maintenance which caused a crash

One complicating factor sometimes arising is that disreputable charter bus companies, after a series of crashes, simply change their name or location and continue operating without penalty. But a charter bus accident lawyer can still hold them accountable for crashes involving their vehicles.

How Bad Are Charter Bus Accidents?

If you’re wondering how bad charter bus accidents can be, keep in mind that almost 300 bus passengers die in bus crashes each year, and another 24,000 persons are injured, some of them seriously. Among the injured, around 40 per cent are children riding school buses.

In America, our roads are traveled by around 450,000 school buses and 30,000 commercial buses.

Bus accident victims also may include persons riding in other vehicles that collide with a charter bus, as well as nearby pedestrians and other bystanders.

Bus accidents can be extremely hazardous, since the large size of buses means there’s much room for passengers or objects to be flung across the interior. Also, many buses lack safety restraints for passengers, and large buses also tend to roll over in a wreck.

Protect your family’s legal rights after a charter bus accident by contacting Jim Adler & Associates for a free legal review of your case. Contact us today. We’re ready to help.

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