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By Jim Adler June 25, 2015

Common sense suggests it’s safer to drive in wide-open rural areas than in crowded urban centers. But in truth, city driving is safer than rural driving.

To be sure, cities have far more vehicles and thus more accidents. But statistically, your chance of a fatal car wreck is higher in the country, where drivers are more likely — and able — to speed, where many roads aren’t divided as in cities and where emergency rooms aren’t as readily available.

Rural Areas Have Over Half of Fatalities

According to a rural/urban comparison by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 19% of Americans lived in rural areas in 2010, yet they accounted for 55% of all traffic fatalities. That’s almost three times their proportionate amount.

Also, the 19% who live in rural areas accounted for 40% of vehicle miles traveled. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that while city drivers still cover more miles, they have only half of fatal crashes. Overall, rural drivers die 2.5 times more per mile traveled than do city drivers.

The NTSB says the safest driving state is Massachusetts, while the least safe driving states are the far less populous Wyoming, North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas and Montana.

Massachusetts had 5.1 traffic deaths per 100,000 residents. Arkansas had 20.3, North Dakota 21.6, Montana 22.7, Mississippi 23.7 and Wyoming had 24.6, the worst. Texas was in the middle with 12.4 traffic deaths for every 100,000 residents.

Again, that’s not to say more total crashes don’t happen in populous areas. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s crash facts for 2013 show that over 81% of total crashes in 2013 were in urban areas, while just under 19% were in rural areas.

But fatal crashes are another thing. In increasingly urban Texas last year, 1,737 fatal crashes were in rural areas, while 1,452 were in urban areas. Thus, more than half of fatal crashes in Texas in 2014 were in rural locations, reports the Texas Department of Transportation.

Overall, according to USA Today, car crashes kill almost 28 of every 100,000 people in rural areas, but just 10 of every 100,000 people in cities.

Rural Crash Injuries Are More Severe

Beyond a higher risk of death, rural crashes can cause more severe injuries. The Arizona study showed that 7.66% of injuries in urban areas were incapacitating. But in the state’s less populous rural areas, 12.45% of car crash injuries were incapacitating.

In Texas in 2014, 25% of rural crash injuries were incapacitating injuries, while just 15% of urban crash injuries were incapacitating.

Why is Rural Driving More Dangerous?

Among reasons why rural driving is more dangerous is the fact that rural drivers tend to drive greater distances for more hours, and while they’re on rural roads with little traffic and higher speed limits, they tend to drive faster.

With few rural roads separated by dividers, high-speed rural collisions have a greater chance of being head-on collisions, which are among the worst kind. By contrast, stop-and-start driving is slower in cities filled with traffic lights, intersections and vehicle congestion.

Drunk driving rates also are higher in rural areas, where 55% of the nation’s drunk driving fatalities occurred in 2010, USA Today reported. Also, rural drivers face threats from deer, livestock and other animals wandering onto rural roads, which are less likely to be illuminated at night than are city streets.

Rural roads also tend to be more narrow, and objects just off roadways, such as trees, are closer to traffic lanes and pose a greater threat. In addition, rough roads and unmarked farm and field entrances can pose problems. Slow-moving farm tractors also can cause dangers on rural roads.

As noted earlier, rural accidents tend to occur farther from hospitals and emergency rooms. This fact alone makes post-accident risks higher than for drivers in cities. Cities also tend to have lower speed limits and more safety engineering elements such as divided roadways.

Drive to Arrive Alive

Jim Adler & Associates supports safety on our roads and urges you to drive to arrive alive, whether it’s on long and relatively deserted country roads or on busy, crowded streets in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or other Texas urban areas.

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I am a Patrol Deputy for the Sheriff Office and while working one night, a drunk driver crossed the center stripe on the highway and struck my patrol vehicle head on with his pick up truck. Needless to say we (the drunk driver and I) were both lucky to survive, as the accident occurred at highway speeds. Following my release from the hospital, I knew that I would need to have someone represent me. My employer was happy to represent me in regards to prosecuting the driver for criminal charges but, can do little in respect to the recovery of financial losses for medical bills, pain and discomfort, time lost from work etc... This is how my relationship with Jim Adler and Associates began. Yep, you probably guessed correctly when you think of what made me choose the "Texas Hammer" to represent me. Those half obnoxious, half way entertaining commercials and radio announcements most Texans have been seeing and hearing on the TV and radio for years instantly came to mind. Yes, I wanted to "hammer" this S.O.B. for trying to kill me but, more importantly I was worried about the costs associated with the life long injuries I had sustained as a result of this drunk driver's negligent behavior. I contacted Jim Adler and Associates and so began our relationship. I was immediately surprised by the prompt attention and the expression of genuine concern for my well being that I received from the employees of Jim Adler's office. Now as you can imagine, lawyers are not a breed that is held in very high regard by people in my profession but, my experiences with Jim Adler's office and his employees have forced me to amend my way of thinking, at least on the civil side of the house anyway. I have to chuckle when I say that because my experience as a client of Jim Adler's firm has been exceptionally pleasant. So before I venture down one of the stereotypical and infinite number of rabbit holes associated with the relationship between members of law enforcement and lawyers; I will do my best to stay focused on my experience with Jim Adler & Associates. Upon being informed that my case had been accepted by Jim Adler's office; I was contacted by Iris Sanchez who informed me that she was to be my case manager and any questions, comments and concerns could be directed to her. I was pleasantly surprised to receive regular calls from Iris assisting with my medical appointments and future follow up appointments. Iris had informed me that Jim Adler's son, Bill Adler would be handling my case and I was even more surprised to receive several calls from Bill to discuss my case. Now you might be thinking "what's the big deal" with the person who is representing you contacting you? In reality, you are correct in that it isn't a big deal but, what is noteworthy and what separates Jim Adler's Office from the multitude of other lawyers is the genuine expressions of concern and the desire Bill Adler conveyed to me to do their best to help me. I felt an immediate connection and instantly realized I had made the correct choice in contacting Jim Adler & Associates to handle my case. One thing I think lawyers and police officers can agree on is the proverbial wheels of justice turn very slowly. Months go by and our professional relationship is never neglected. Through the unwavering attention of Iris Sanchez and Bill Adler himself, I never felt "out of the loop" so to speak and always had a clear understanding of where my case was at in regards to the legal process. In conclusion, I know my brief description of my experiences with Bill Adler and, his assistant Iris Sanchez, cannot provide the credit they deserve. Together they have done an outstanding job representing their firm/employer. If you are seeking a great firm to represent your legal interests and, take comfort in establishing a professional relationship that feels more like a friendship than a casual business acquaintance, then I highly suggest Jim Adler & Associates.read more
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