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By Jim Adler October 22, 2015

If you were injured in a car accident that you didn’t cause, and then you couldn’t work, you have a legal right to claim payments for your lost present and future salary.

Compensatory payments can come by means of some auto insurance policies of the victim, and also can be made against the insurer of the bad driver who was at fault.

Long-term, debilitating injuries can mean loss of earning capacity for years, not just days or weeks. A long-term injury thus causes much greater losses of earning power and calls for much larger claims of present to future wages.

Permanent Injuries Due to an Accident

Some injuries are permanent and prevent a person from working for the rest of their life. If another driver caused a permanent injury, that driver is legally responsible for a lifetime of lost wages.

To substantiate such a claim in a personal injury lawsuit, the victim and his or her attorney must provide appropriate documentation. That includes physicians’ reports on the victim’s injuries, ongoing condition and projected condition, as well as an employer’s letter indicating the amount of salary.

A diagnosing physician should state that a claimant cannot work. Records from the employer showing absence from work as well as indicating customary wages also should be presented. Lost wages presented in a claim also can include projected raises, bonuses, overtime pay, vacation pay, sick days pay, lost chances for commissions or promotions and other perks.

The figure for lost wages is more easily calculated, of course, with little work time lost. Then, with no projected work time involving, the precise number of days and wages lost can be determined to the penny.

If you are self-employed or own your own business, you can work with your injury attorney to calculate an appropriate amount of lost income due to your accident.

Thoroughness Needed

Whatever the case, you must be meticulous and thorough in presenting such a claim, which an insurance company is likely to resist, discredit, delay or deny. Have “all your ducks in a row,” so to speak, and make sure your claim is documented, substantiated, accurate and not overreaching.

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