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By Jim Adler May 17, 2016

Back surgery and spine injuries are a major cost for many Americans — Americans who may need personal injury lawyers such as those from Jim Adler & Associates to claim payments to which they are legally entitled when harmed by someone else’s negligence.

Of course, not all spinal injuries are due to negligence, and not all affect everyday Americans. According to Becker’s Healthcare, here are some famous persons’ spine injuries to show you that a back injury can happen to anyone:

John F. Kennedy

In 1954, six years before he was elected president, Sen. John F. Kennedy had spine surgery which almost killed him. Kennedy had suffered much back pain due to injuries from playing football and serving in World War II, and he had a vertebrae collapse while in his 30s.

After spinal surgery in 1954, Kennedy suffered postoperative coma and septicemia. He had five surgical procedures in all for back pain, dating to 1957. As president he wore a back brace and, in private, sometimes used crutches.

Peyton Manning

The star National Football League quarterback had several spine surgeries during his long career. One such surgery was believed to have almost cost him an early exit from the gridiron stage.

In 2011, while with the Indianapolis Colts, Manning had a single-level anterior cervical fusion for a disc herniation. Following his one year of recovery, the Colts abandoned Manning, who then signed with the Denver Broncos and, in 2016, won his second Super Bowl.

During his playing career, Manning also had two surgical procedures for a bulging disc in his cervical spine.

Gov. Rick Perry

The former Texas governor had spine surgery in 2011 at a Houston medical day spa, in which  stem cells were used for healing. Perry reportedly later blamed the then-rare procedure for gaffes which ultimately led to his presidential campaigns’ failures.

Jennifer Grey

Actress Jennifer Grey, best known for co-starring with Houston’s Patrick Swayze in the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, had to be hospitalized prior to her final appearance as a celebrity contestant on Dancing With the Stars in 2010.

Grey had a ruptured disc in her back and later had four neck surgeries. She later described herself as “pain free.”

Grey had experienced back pain since a 1987 car accident in Ireland with then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick, in which a woman and her daughter were killed. Dirty Dancing was released days afterward. Grey became “America’s sweetheart” while recovering from her back injuries.

Dwight Howard

Before becoming a center for the Houston Rockets, star National Basketball Association player Dwight Howard had spine surgery in 2012 while a player with the Orlando Magic.

Howard had a minimally invasive procedure for disc herniation following a failed non-surgical treatment.

Though Howard has struggled at times with injuries in his career, it’s believed that his spine surgery was successful.

George W. Bush

Another Houstonian, former President George W. Bush, had back surgery for a continuing disc problem and spent much of January 2013 recovering.

Bush’s spine surgery wasn’t revealed for several months after it occurred. Also in 2013 he had heart surgery, and in 2014 he had knee replacement surgery.

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