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By Jim Adler June 28, 2016

You can rest assured that when you’re at home in Texas, you can rely on Jim “The Texas Hammer” Adler for help if you’re injured in a car wreck. But what about out of state accidents? What can you do then? While 70 per cent of auto accidents occur within 10 miles of a driver’s home, among the other 30 per cent are many accidents when drivers are on the road in other states. This is especially true in the summer months when people take long trips on the road for vacations.

What To Do Out of State

As for what to do when you’re in an out of state car crash, the procedures can be largely the same as if you’re at home. Your what-to-do list after an accident includes:
  • Call the police. Getting a police report on file can protect your legal rights, particularly if the other driver was at fault. Regardless, never admit fault to the police, but simply allow them to make their own assessment. And if given a ticket, sign it, which is required by law but is not an admission of fault.
Police may not respond to an accident without an injury, but try to summon them anyway. On the road, use your cell phone’s Internet to search for the number of the local police. If there are injuries, simply dial 911 to ask for medical as well as police help.
  • Get medical help. If you or anyone else in the wreck was injured, get medical help as soon as possible. If you suffered a minor injury and want to wait until you return home to see your own doctor, you may risk establishing the nature and extent of the injury later for insurance purposes, so try to see a medical professional immediately, even out of state.
  • Call your insurance company. It may have offices in the state you’re visiting, and it can advise you on whether your policy covers out-of-state towing, car repairs and car rentals. Regardless of which state you visit, your car insurance policy should cover you for out of state accidents.
However, traveling out of the country may be problematic for insurance purposes, perhaps not for Canada, but definitely if you head to Mexico or farther south. Check your policy before you leave on your trip. And be sure to have your insurance company’s contact information with you. Texas law requires you to have auto insurance, so get it. Lacking insurance out of state will only make matters worse if you have an out of state accident. Other states may have varying insurance requirement, such as liability limits, but also will require some form of auto insurance. If your car needs immediate repairs, get advice from your insurance company on where to take it. Insurers often have networks of service providers in other states. If you go on your own to what turns out to be a disreputable garage, you may have trouble getting your insurance company to pay for the repairs later.
  • Exchange information. Get phone numbers or emails of other drivers involved in the accident, as well as their insurance information. Also get names and contact information for witnesses who can support your side — and be polite in doing so.
  • Take photos or videos. Use your cell phone or camera to record the accident visually, including the location, the time of day, the weather, the extent of damages or injuries, the placement of the vehicles post-accident and any street signs or traffic lights.
  • Call Jim Adler. Keep the phone number of Jim Adler & Associates handy, and alert “The Texas Hammer” if you’re in an accident at home or out of state. Jim Adler’s experienced car wreck lawyers can advise you on what steps to take to protect your legal rights. They’re just a quick toll-free call away, at 800-505-1414.

Your Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Indeed, your car accident lawyer can help in many ways, including determining the traffic laws in the state you are visiting. An Adler car wreck attorney also may contact the local police in your behalf if needed and notify them that you are being represented in the legal arena. Your auto accident lawyer also may be able to gather data remotely in an immediate way to support your later legal claims after a car accident injury. Getting a car wreck lawyer in the state where you’re visiting will not necessarily help you. Legal claims may be settled weeks after an accident injury, at which point you’ll have returned home. You need your hometown lawyer to help you from the start, and especially when making your claim to your insurance company or representing you in a car accident lawsuit at a later date. Remember: All you need to do is call Jim Adler, toll-free from any state, at 800-505-1414. Then, even after an out of state accident, you’ll have an immediate link to your home and a hometown car accident lawyer to help you with your case from start to finish.
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