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By Jim Adler August 20, 2015

If you were injured in an auto accident and require physical therapy and rehab treatments, you may be able to gain payments for some of this by means of an accident claim against an insurance company or by means of a personal injury lawsuit.

After a car wreck injury, rehabilitation costs are among many expenses facing victims, who also may lose work time and wages, as well as the ability to perform numerous functions in daily life. The driver who caused the injury is liable for its costs and damages and must be held accountable by means of a car accident lawsuit or a settlement claim.

To make a claim for rehab treatments, victims should amass all health records available, including before-and-after reports from examining physicians who can assess the degree of injury from an accident.

See a Medical Professional Soon

It’s vital that injury victims see a medical professional as soon as possible after an accident so that their injury can be assessed and documented as evidence for a future claim. Delaying a doctor visit can undercut a claim by suggesting the injury wasn’t that serious.

An injury should be classified in terms of its severity, since some injuries are worth more than others in injury claims. A head injury, paralysis or amputation should be worth more than a so-called soft tissue injury or whiplash.

Victims also should collect their bills for physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as keep a record of witness statements, photos, videos or other elements that can support the injury claim.

Since rehab is an ongoing process that can last for months or even years, it’s also important for victims to claim compensatory payments for rehab based on its duration up to the date of the claim and its projected time span into the future.

Victims cannot wait until rehab is completed to seek all rehab payments for their claim, since that might risk passing Texas’ statute of limitations . It holds that personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the injury date. Claims filed after two years will not be considered.

A victim’s own health insurance may provide some compensation for therapy and rehab costs, but such damages first should be sought from the driver whose recklessness or negligence caused the accident. A car accident lawyer from Jim Adler & Associates can assist injured persons in making such claims and often can negotiate a financial settlement with the bad driver’s insurer, with no need for a trial.

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