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Serious Burn Injuries At Work
March 15, 2017

Serious Burn Injuries At Work

Suffering serious burn injuries at work is tragically common in the United States, where as many as 40 percent of all burn deaths are related to explosions and fires on the job, according to a study reported by federal agency the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Other studies show that workplace burn injuries may constitute a majority of all burn injuries in the nation. As for all such injuries, nearly half a million persons were injured in burn accidents in 2016, with 40,000 of them hospitalized, according to the American Burn Association.

For workers, workplace burn injuries are among the most serious injuries on the job.

Types of Work Burn Injuries

The types of work burn injuries can include:

Such burns can be categorized as first-degree, second-degree, third-degree and fourth-degree burns, with the severity getting progressively worse and fourth-degree being the most serious.

Burn Victims Can Fight Back

When an unsafe workplace causes such injuries, burn victims and their families can fight back — especially when their serious burn injuries were due to negligence by employers, contractors or owners.

Contact the veteran law firm of Jim “The Texas Hammer” Adler today and seek help from an experienced burn injury attorney. You and your family may be legally entitled to significant financial recovery for your burn injury losses.

Workers Comp or Work Accident Lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered a severe burn injury on the job, you should explore your legal options. Financial recovery can come via workers’ compensation insurance, but often that alone isn’t sufficient to pay workers for their losses. A burn injury lawsuit or work accident lawsuit may be needed to compel employers to pay what they legally owe victims of serious burn injuries at work.

When it comes to work injuries, Texas laws favor employers and large corporations rather than the workers who support their businesses. Texas, in fact, is the only state in America which does not require employers to provide coverage for workplace injuries.

As a result, nearly half a million Texas workers are on their own if they suffer a burn injury or other injury at work.

Your own employer may not offer workers’ compensation insurance, which is the employer’s choice. And even if your employer does provide so-called workers’ comp, red tape can make it very difficult to claim payments for a work injury.

That’s why many injured workers rely on knowledgeable injury attorneys such as those at Jim Adler & Associates to handle severe work injuries with a legal claim. Such injury lawyers can file an on-the-job injury lawsuit to claim fair and fitting payments for workers.

A work injury lawsuit can be filed against an employer, a business operator, a business owner or even a third party such as an independent contractor or a parts supplier.

Texas law does, at least, require that a workplace be safe for workers. Under Texas law, employers have a duty to maintain a safe workplace in order to avoid injury accidents such as burns. Safety procedures must be followed, and proper equipment must be provided. Failing this can be the basis of a work injury lawsuit.

And even if you are a contract worker rather than an employee, you have legal rights when an unsafe workplace causes you injury.

Your Burn Injury Payments

As for your burn injury payments sought in a work accident lawsuit, these can include payments for:

Such payments were sought in lawsuits filed after three workers at a Church’s Chicken restaurant in Livingston, Texas were severely burned on Aug. 1, 2016. That’s when the restaurant’s kitchen floor collapsed, causing a fryer to tip and pour scalding grease over the workers.

One worker filed a lawsuit seeking $50 million in damages. The other two workers together filed a $150 million lawsuit for life-threatening, catastrophic burns.

Help for Hispanic Workers

All three of the injured workers were Hispanic, a group that has suffered greatly in workplace accidents. While worker fatalities overall in America have dropped in recent years, Hispanic worker fatalities have gone up by nearly 80 percent, often due to failure by employers to train Hispanic workers properly.

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