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By Jim Adler May 17, 2016

Is Batman truly a force of good if he is merely executing a vendetta against criminals due to his tragic past? Is Dexter truly evil if he only preys on murderers? In the Dungeons & Dragons universe, there are a series of moral and ethical alignments that characters fit into based on their actions and beliefs. While it would be impossible to slice the real world into these spectrums, it makes for intriguing discussion to try determining what the alignment of different fictional characters would be. This infographic examines the choices and lifestyles of 31 fictional peace keepers, vigilantes, crime-fighters, and investigators from fiction in order to select a D&D alignment for them. Naturally, these choices will spark debate. We encourage you to challenge them with your own theories of what is truly good and what is truly evil, and where these iconic faces fall on the scale. Shades of Justice - JimAdler.com - Infographic

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