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By Jim Adler April 14, 2017

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Sadly, the number of persons killed or seriously injured in Texas bus accidents has soared in recent years. Families of victims have a legal right to claim payments for their losses with help from a bus accident lawyer at Jim Adler & Associates.

The most recent such tragedy killed 13 members of a New Braunfels church. They died this week in a crash on US 83 in Concan, Texas near Uvalde and about 80 miles west of San Antonio.

One person on the church bus survived, but its driver and the other 12 passengers died. They were senior members of First Baptist Church in New Braunfels who were returning home from a three-day Bible study retreat near Leakey, Texas.

The bus was struck head-on by a pickup truck whose driver, 20, survived but is hospitalized.

Other Fatal Texas Bus Crashes

Still more fatal bus crashes in Texas include one on May 14, 2016 in Webb County which killed nine persons and injured more than 40 others.

In that crash, a charter bus’ driver lost control on US 83 near Laredo and the bus rolled over. Bus rollovers can be deadly for passengers on a bus, who often lack seat belts and can be thrown about the large interior of the vehicle.

The many windows on a bus also can be a hazard when they break in a crash.

In December of 2015, a Greyhound bus with 40 passengers struck a stalled vehicle on Interstate 30 in Arlington, killing the driver of the stalled vehicle and injuring more than a dozen persons on the bus.

A month earlier, two persons died near El Paso when the bus of a rock band struck an 18-wheeler head-on. Killed were the drivers of both vehicles. Ten other persons on the bus were injured.

In June of that year a charter bus collided with a semi truck on Interstate 10 in Weimer, killing the bus driver and one passenger and injuring another 10 persons on the bus.

In April of 2013, a casino tour bus traveling from Texas to Oklahoma went out of control, struck concrete barriers and rolled over on a highway in Irving, Texas. That bus crash killed two persons and injured dozens on board the charter bus.

Notorious Texas Bus Accidents

Two of the most notorious Texas bus accidents included an August 2008 crash of a charter bus taking 44 Vietnamese Catholics to a church celebration. In that crash on Highway 75 near Sherman, 17 persons died and dozens were injured.

In 2005, a bus crash near Dallas killed 23 nursing home residents who were fleeing the Houston area at the time of Hurricane Rita.

Bus Crash Lawsuits

Families of bus crash victims have a legal right to seek financial compensation for their losses via bus accident lawsuits. The experienced bus accident lawyers of Jim Adler & Associates can help families weigh their chances for a successful bus crash lawsuit.

Whether a bus crash involves a church bus, a school bus, a casino tour bus, a charter bus or a commercial bus line, victims have legal options. They can seek a financial settlement from the bus line or the bus carrier with help from a knowledgeable injury attorney.

Contact our law firm today for a free legal review of your bus crash case — at no obligation to you. Then you can decide if you want to proceed with a bus crash lawsuit on behalf of your family.

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