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By Jim Adler March 5, 2016

Women who face ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products for personal hygiene need to know details of what is ovarian cancer. Their health comes first, and treatments should ensue. But they also can explore a talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit to get financial compensation for their losses.

Women Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is rare, accounting for just 3 per cent of all cancers affecting women. However, ovarian cancer is particularly aggressive and dangerous, augmented by the fact that it features few symptoms in its early stages and may not be detected until it has spread.

According to a report from the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, over 21,000 American women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, and over 14,000 women die from ovarian cancer yearly. The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer is under 50 per cent, the report indicates. The survival rate is low in part because ovarian cancer usually is not diagnosed until it has spread into other areas of the body beyond the ovaries. Since ovarian cancer in its early stages lacks pronounced symptoms, and since there isn’t an effective screening test for it, an estimated 66 per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are suffering the disease in its late stages, when it is more difficult to treat.

Ovarian Cancer Treatments

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), treatments of ovarian cancer can include chemotherapy as well as a variety of types of surgeries. Treatments also can include radiation therapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy. In many cases, more than one of these treatments may be employed. A woman’s physician can advise her of which treatments may be best for her. In addition, some complementary or alternative methods can be found to treat ovarian cancer or to relieve its symptoms. Among such methods are special diets, acupuncture, massage and taking herbs or vitamins. The ACS says complementary methods are used along with a woman’s regular medical care, while alternative methods are used instead of medical treatment. The ACS does not necessarily recommend either course, although it notes that some methods may relieve ovarian cancer symptoms and help patients to feel better. However, the ACS also notes that some of these other methods may not work at all and even could be risky. An ideal situation involves detecting ovarian cancer in an early stage. According to the Mayo Clinic, early-stage ovarian cancer that is limited strictly to an ovary is “more likely to be treated successfully.”

Ovarian Cancer Research

Research into the causes of and treatments for ovarian cancer continues. However, a report by NBC News on March 2, 2016 quoted cancer experts who held that ovarian cancer “is being shortchanged in terms of medical attention and understanding, even though it’s one of the deadliest cancers there is.” This could contribute to the fact that ovarian cancer is the fifth-leading cause of cancer deaths among American women, despite accounting for just 1 of every 33 female cancers.

Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

As found in ovarian cancer lawsuits in victims’ favor, women who used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower products on their genitals to reduce chafing, moisture and odors can suffer ovarian cancer as a result. Such women have a legal right to claim economic recovery for their injury losses, including payments for their hospital and medical care costs, lost present and future salary, and pain and suffering. Please contact us today for a free review of your case. Jim Adler & Associates can help you by providing an injury attorney to seek such payments — and justice — in your behalf.
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