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defective vehicle car parts attorney Each year, defective vehicle parts and products injure and kill many Texans. Was someone in your family injured or killed by a defective product? Malfunctioning products can range from tires and airbags to car seats and seat belts. But they have at least one thing in common: negligence by a manufacturer which led to an accident injury.

When such products harm innocent Texans, attorneys and lawyers with Jim S. Adler & Associates can fight for their legal right to fitting financial compensation.

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A defective vehicle parts lawyer can force a negligent manufacturer to pay victims for their medical costs, their lost wages and the pain and suffering they endured due to a defective product.

Defective Parts and Products

Examples include the millions of Toyota and Lexus cars recalled for stuck accelerator problems, and other vehicles involved in recalls for various safety failures. Many cars also have collisions due to defective tires, which can have de-beading or tread separation causing a blowout and loss of control.

Gas tanks in cars also can be defective and lead to explosions, particularly in a collision. And the car seats used by small children can be defective. Many are involved in recalls due to defective straps, buckles, handles and padding, and many are installed improperly, causing an accident injury.

A car’s seat belts and airbags also can be defective, if designed, produced or installed incorrectly. Faulty air bags can cause serious injuries and even death by deploying with too much force or failing to deploy when they should.

When any such products cause harm, their manufacturer is obligated to provide compensation for victims’ losses. Talk to a defective products lawyer right now to learn more about your rights and to help you build your case.
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