Car Fire & Burn Injuries
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What could be worse than a serious car collision? Such accidents become even worse when vehicle fires follow, as when a gas tank erupts due to a crash. Victims and their families may need a vehicle fire lawyer to protect their rights.

A car fire can be a devastating after-effect of a car crash, leading to severe injuries and even death. Indeed, such a vehicle fire can be more dangerous than the initial collision.

Vehicle Fire Causes

A vehicle fire erupting after a traffic accident can be due to many reasons, including defective manufacture or design of the vehicle. Perhaps the car’s fuel-delivery system or gas tank are defective, leading to ruptures which spew gasoline where it can ignite via one spark.

Occupants of a car which catches on fire can be seriously burned or even killed. They may survive the initial impact completely intact, but if they’re inside the vehicle and it’s engulfed in flames, they may not survive the car fire.

The fact is, most cars carry much flammable fuel in their gas tanks. On average, an American car or SUV holds a full tank of around a dozen to 20 gallons. And every gallon of gasoline, if ignited, packs the explosive punch of half a dozen sticks of dynamite. Do the math and you’ll find that a car whose 20-gallon tank is full when a car fire explodes has the power of 120 sticks of dynamite.

A horrific car fire such as this shouldn’t occur, but it does via manufacturing or design defects which then lead to a catastrophic car fire. It’s often the car fire right after a crash that does the most damage.

Vehicle Fire Burns

Suffering burns is among the worst injuries a person can face. Such vehicle fire burns may be first, second, third or fourth degree burns, depending on how bad they are. By far the worst are fourth degree burns.

Indeed, a fourth degree burn can result in amputation. It also can be fatal. Also known as a full thickness burn, a third degree burn can burn through the skin and cause scarring, but amputation also can be a result of a third degree burn.

Such car fire burn injuries often are debilitating. Often they affect a person for the rest of their lifetime. Victims may be unable to be employed or to have what’s considered a normal life. Instead, they may spend much of their life coping with expensive medical treatments and other bills due to their car fire burn injury.

Car Fire Lawsuit

Do you have a legal right to a car fire lawsuit? If you or a family member was injured by a car fire which was not your fault, you certainly do have that legal right.

Most likely your vehicle fire was the result of a defective manufacture or design for a car, auto or SUV. If so, that means you have a legal right to file a defective product lawsuit or car fire lawsuit against the maker of the vehicle.

Automakers largely try to make their cars’ fuel-delivery systems or gas tanks safe by designing and manufacturing them to remain intact upon a collision or traffic accident. But some gas tanks breach and explode anyway. That’s because some automakers fail their customers.

In such events, a vehicle fire lawyer or car fire attorney can claim justice and economic recovery for victims. That was the case when a car fire lawsuit was filed against the makers of a Chevy Malibu with a defective fuel system. Also, a lawsuit ensued when an Isuzu vehicle had its gas tank placed improperly in the vehicle.

It’s likely that a car fire accident is the result of negligence on the part of the vehicle’s manufacturer. If the car was inadequately designed, or built in a way that led to a car fire accident, then the automaker is responsible.

Vehicle Fire Lawyer

In the sad event that a person in your family or close to you had an injury or death in a car fire accident, let us know– and let us help. Our law firm can provide you with a vehicle fire lawyer or attorney to seek financial recovery for your car fire losses, which can include medical costs, funeral bills, lost income extending from the present to the future, and pain and suffering.

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