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If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic accident and need payments for your losses, you may want to know all about car accidents settlements in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or elsewhere in Texas. If so, let us help.

What is car accident settlement and compensation?

First, you should understand what is car accident settlement and compensation. This refers to the payments you can receive by pressing a claim for damages against the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Such payments are considered compensation for your losses and form what is known as a settlement.

Such settlements usually are negotiated by your car accident lawyer with the insurance company, or what’s known as an insurance adjuster. Few car accident claims wind up going to court in a trial. Most car accident settlements are handled out of court via negotiations.

Examples of actual car accident settlement amounts

What are some examples of actual car accident settlement amounts in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and other parts of Texas? These can vary widely, since car accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries.

For example, a person who suffers a fractured or broken arm may receive thousands of dollars in a car accident compensation amount, while someone who suffers a permanent injury such as paralysis may receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for a debilitating and life-changing injury.

What factors determine car accident settlement amounts?

As noted, the nature and severity of an injury are among the chief factors which determine car accident settlement amounts. There are no average settlements or typical car accident settlement amounts, but rather a wide range of varied amounts, depending on the injuries.

Your car accident lawyer should have the experience to know what a specific type of injury is worth in terms of financial compensation. He or she can insist that the insurer pay you what the injury is worth, to compensate for such costs as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

For many people, hospital bills and medical expenses are the greatest cost of a car accident injury. These can be calculated in a precise “dollars and cents” way, as can your losses for being unable to earn wages for a time due to the injury.

A more subjective process is involved when calculating your compensation for the pain and suffering the injury caused. This is a real cost to you, but it can vary depending on the circumstances of the case.

How long do car accident settlement amounts take?

As for how long car accident settlements can take in Houston or other parts of Texas, that, too, depends on the case. Some car accident injuries are less severe than others, and these may be resolved in less time than a case involving severe injuries and especially high claims for compensation.

The fastest way to be paid after a car accident injury is for your car wreck lawyer or attorney to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This often can be done for relatively minor injuries and may take no more than a few weeks or months.

But if the injury is extreme — such as brain injury, spine injury, paralysis or amputation — and the claim calls for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or perhaps even more than a million dollars — then such claims may take many months to resolve, and may go to trial. Some cases even have taken years of litigation to reach a settlement.

Your car accident attorney from Jim Adler & Associates is prepared to fight for your legal rights via a settlement or a trial for as long as it takes to prevail for you.

How to negotiate a car accident settlement

If you’re wondering how to negotiate a car accident settlement, you should keep in mind that you are not advised to try doing this on your own by contacting and dealing with an insurance company by yourself.

Insurance companies do not make money by freely and happily paying claims, as they suggest in their TV ads. Instead, they make money by not paying. That’s why they usually try to deny, delay or underpay for claims, thus keeping more money for themselves.

If you try to negotiate a settlement yourself, an insurance adjuster may use your lack of experience in such matters against you and will try to “low-ball” you by offering an amount far less than your injury merits.

An adjuster also may offer you a significantly lower amount than you need and deserve by enticing you with the offer of an unusually quick settlement. But if you take that offer, you won’t be able to ask for more money later as your injury costs mount.

Instead of negotiating a settlement yourself, you should rely on a car accident lawyer who knows what your injury is worth and will not accept a low offer or a quick settlement. Your lawyer will negotiate a settlement by applying hard facts, such as the actual costs of particular injuries and the degree of negligence shown by the at-fault driver.

Tips to maximize a car accident settlement

Among tips of how to maximize car accident settlements, none is more important than engaging an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable car wreck attorney to handle your case. He or she will know the ways to maximize your settlement, along with knowing the tricks which insurance companies may try to use to underpay you.

Again, don’t try to settle your claim alone. Rely on your auto accident attorney to maximize your car accident compensation.

Now that you know all about car accident settlements in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and elsewhere in Texas, you should also know that you can get a free case review by contacting Jim Adler & Associates.

We will quickly help you size up your chances for gaining a successful car accident settlement amount covering your medical bills, lost salary and pain and suffering. Then you can decide how you want to proceed. Contact us today, and let’s get started protecting your legal rights and getting you the money you deserve.
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