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By Jim Adler February 5, 2015

Adler Pays Off School Lunches

Attorney Bill Adler with ‘Lunch Angel’ Kenny Thompson and Askew Elementary Principal Ebony Cumby.

Kenny Thompson has become known across the Houston area as the “Lunch Angel.” Through his non-profit group, Feed the Future Forward, he’s been helping to pay off past-due lunch accounts of students who aren’t able to do so. Thompson became aware of the problem when one of the several students he mentors was served a cold cheese sandwich at an elementary school in Spring Branch ISD. The student’s parents had not paid their bill, and he was served a subpar lunch as a result. When accounts are not paid, school districts have to use educational funds to cover the expense. Some schools have additional funds set aside to help out, but other campuses do not. When attorney Jim Adler learned about Thompson’s efforts, the firm reached out to the “Lunch Angel” with help. Thompson and attorney Bill Adler met with Askew Elementary school administrators to discuss how the community can ensure that every student enrolled gets a nutritious lunch regardless of his or her economic status. They also discussed how school districts can better educate and inform parents about available lunch programs, qualification requirements and financial obligations throughout the school year. Through a donation made by Jim Adler & Associates, the delinquent balances of hundreds of students were paid off. Adler and Thompson plan to visit other schools in Houston ISD to talk with administrators about their school lunch program needs. According to Thompson, his group has helped seven area districts and impacted over 150,000 students and 141 schools. He says he wants Texas to become a model state for eliminating the school lunch problem around the country.
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