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What is a pro bono lawyer?

The term “pro bono” is short for “pro bono publico,” a Latin term that means doing work “for the public good,” and it is nothing new to the legal world. There have been many lawyers throughout history who have taken on significant cases at no charge to the client. When a law firm does pro bono work, it shows itself to be an organization of caring people. Similarly, lawyers who fight hard for their clients without taking any money directly from the client, demonstrate their devotion to defending people’s rights.

The Importance of Legal Work Without Retainer Fees

The idea of working for no up-front fees is not a gimmick. Prestigious law schools, such as Georgetown University, strongly endorse these kinds of arrangements, and even encourages its graduates to do pro bono work every month. Similarly, the professionals at Jim Adler & Associates always help clients without taking any money from the client. Rather, our lawyers are paid only from the settlement money you win, not out of your pocket.

Lawyers That Claim To Do Pro Bono Work

Pro bono lawyers and those who work on a contingent-fee basis will take a case without the need for the client to pay any money up front. It should be noted, however, that different attorneys may have different interpretations of how these arrangements work. This is why clients should always ask what the attorney means when they say they will work pro bono or for a contingency fee. In some cases, an attorney will take a case pro bono because it has significance to the community, to the client, or to both. In other situations, the attorney will go to bat for the client and collect nothing until the case is won; only then do they collect a contingent fee.

Jim Adler & Associates Works On A Contingent-Fee Basis

Jim Adler is known as the Texas Hammer® because he prides himself on working hard for each client. But what many people may not know is that every Jim Adler & Associates location works on a contingent-fee basis for each client. None of Jim Adler’s offices see a penny of compensation until the case is won. Clients pay for their legal services from the settlements they receive, not from their own hard-earned money. Jim Adler & Associates asks for no retainer fee, no consultation fee, and no up-front fees of any kind. If it is a hard-working attorney you are looking for, then you are looking for Jim Adler & Associates.
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