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In deciding whether to hire a personal injury lawyer, you must be wondering “How much does a personal injury lawyer make?” That’s an important question, especially for people with limited means of affording legal services.

When it comes to a personal injury law firm such as Jim Adler & Associates, injury victims have a helpful choice. That’s because this law firm is among those who work for clients on what’s known as a contingency fee basis.

The law firm doesn’t charge high hourly billing to clients — a charge which quickly can become very high. Instead, the law firm and client sign a contingency fee agreement by which the law firm is paid only by winning a case, and then from a pre-set portion of the settlement amount, and not from the client’s pockets.

A contingency often fee is around 35% of the settlement amount. Mostly such settlements can be gained for injury victims by the personal injury lawyer negotiating out of court with the defendant. Or they can come from a ruling in a courtroom trial.

Either way, when the time comes to pay, such attorney fees come from the settlement amount in the client’s favor, and not out of the client’s pocket.

Also, Jim Adler & Associates does not charge a retainer fee. Again, the law firm works only under a contingency fee agreement to which the client agrees.

In most cases, individual lawyers for a personal injury law firm are paid by the law firm itself, and not by the client. The legal fees under the contingency fee agreement go directly to the law firm.

A law firm or personal injury lawyer also may charge a client some court costs and other expenses involved in processing and handling the case, such as for postage and court filings, but these are not attorney fees for an attorney’s work.

Fees and costs are not the same, but fees tend to be the larger amount, and those payments are derived from the settlement amount.

Keep in mind that a law firm or lawyer paid only by contingency fees is taking a gamble on your case. If the case does not prevail, nothing is paid to the law firm. Only by winning does the law firm get paid.

Also keep in mind that, while 35% per cent may seem like a large portion of a settlement, that settlement is likely to be far higher when achieved by an experienced personal injury lawyer than if the client tried negotiating it with no legal backing.

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