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Americans who were injured by someone else’s negligence need to know how to choose a personal injury lawyer. Such a lawyer may be vital for helping victims gain fair payments for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. First, find a personal injury lawyer who handles your type of case. Perhaps you were hurt in a car wreck, by a defective drug or product, or in a job accident. Some personal injury law firms, such as Jim Adler & Associates, handle all such cases and have knowledge and experience to help you. Also consider the law firm’s length of service. Some law firms are fairly new. Jim Adler & Associates has helped injured persons get the payments they legally deserve for over 40 years. When choosing an individual personal injury lawyer, be sure he or she has experience in your type of case, and will have your best interests at heart. Also, learn what a lawyer charges clients. Some charge high hourly rates no matter what the result. A law firm such as Jim Adler & Associates is paid only if we win a case for you. You also should learn about a law firm’s results. Some have been more successful than others in getting payments for clients. Finally, you should choose a personal injury lawyer or law firm that’s close to you. Jim Adler & Associates has offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Channelview. We invite you to size us up when deciding how to choose a personal injury lawyer.
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