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If you or a family member was injured in a hit-and-run accident, you should know your legal rights and how to get compensated for your losses, such as medical bills and lost salary. Our law firm can help you with that.

In Texas, drivers are required by state law to stop and render aid at the scene of an accident. Unfortunately, more and more drivers are leaving the scene in what constitutes a “hit and run” or “leaving the scene of an accident.”

Hit-and-Run Accidents Can Be Costly

Generally, drivers who hit and run are at fault in an accident, and thus are responsible for compensating victims of hit-and-run accidents.

If the driver is caught, that driver or his or her insurance company can be the target of a lawsuit or settlement claim. However, in many cases hit-and-run drivers do not have insurance, which may be one of the reasons they leave the scene.

If such a driver isn’t caught later, the burden falls upon you to recover damages for your losses. That means seeking payments from your own insurer. But to make such a claim, you need uninsured motorist coverage with your insurer.

You must alert your attorney that you have such UM coverage or you may pay substantial amounts out of your pocket for damages you did not cause.

Insurance Can Cover Your Personal Injury

One thing is vital: In such cases, you must have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage as part of your own auto insurance. In this way, your own insurance company should compensate you for damages the hit-and-run driver caused. That way, you will not be responsible for paying for losses you did not cause.

Fleeing an accident scene has criminal penalties in Texas. In fact, leaving the scene of an accident involving death or serious personal injury constitutes a third degree felony.

However, liability for injuries sustained in a hit-and-run crash is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Our law firm handles such civil lawsuit cases.

Hit and run compensation can involve your medical costs, lost salary and pain and suffering damages. It also can involve property damage. The maximum amount you can recover via uninsured motorist coverage depends on the limits of the car insurance policy you purchased.

Sadly, many insurance companies try to deny, delay or underpay their customers on claims for injury following a hit-and-run accident or other car accidents. Your insurer may try to “low-ball” you with a minimal settlement — or may refuse to pay at all.

Get a Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

In such cases, you can file a bad-faith action against the insurer. But in any event, it may be difficult and stressful to go head-to-head against your insurance company by yourself. That company will have lawyers to help the insurer keep your money, and you can have your own lawyer to get what you are legally due.

Our law firm has skilled, knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers and hit-and-run attorneys who can handle your case, whether negotiating with a balky insurance company to reach a favorable settlement or filing an injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Call or write us today, and get a free case review.

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