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If you’ve suffered injury due to another’s negligence and now need financial compensation, you may worry about attorney fees and ask yourself how to settle a personal injury claim without a lawyer. If so, know this: You can try to do so on your own, but in many cases you’re better advised to engage a personal injury lawyer.

Settling a claim on your own means that you are all that stands between your family’s financial needs and a large business such as an insurance company which has the resources and means to contest your claim and deny, delay or underpay.

Yes, you may say, but if I prevail, I won’t have to pay attorney fees.

But consider this: If your injury costs for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering were high, and if such costs may extend over a long period of recovery time, you need every dollar you can get toward compensating you for a catastrophic injury which wasn’t your fault.

And by trying to settle your claim on your own, you may wind up with less than if you’d engaged an injury lawyer to seek a far greater settlement on your behalf.

While such legal services aren’t free, typically an injury lawyer or law firm working for a contingency fee will charge around 30 per cent of the settlement amount as attorney fees.

That same law firm or lawyer won’t be paid anything without winning your case for you. And when a case does prevail and an injury victim gains a settlement, the injury lawyer or law firm is paid only from the settlement amount, and not directly by the client.

As you can see, you can try to settle a personal injury claim without a lawyer, but for substantial claims, this may not be your best strategy.

An employer facing a lawsuit over a workplace injury, for instance, will try to pay the least possible amount to the injured employee. And a drug company whose defective drug caused birth defects will try to deny responsibility for a suffering family’s losses.

By all means, you can consider how to settle a personal injury claim without a lawyer. That is your right. But individuals may be less likely to gain the kind of economic recovery they need without help from a personal injury lawyer.

If you decide instead to get a personal injury lawyer for your claim, Jim Adler & Associates invites you to take advantage of our free case review. With no obligation from you, we can offer legal advice on how to proceed with your case.

Then, if you should choose to engage our law firm to help you get payments for your injury, we can fight for you in the legal arena with a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable injury lawyer.

It’s your choice, as it should be. But if you need us we’re here — and we’re ready to help.

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