Have you been diagnosed with complications after having an IVC blood clot filter implanted?

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If a defective IVC filter caused you or a loved one to suffer injury, get help from a dedicated IVC filter lawyer at Jim Adler & Associates today. For more than three decades, we have fought for just compensation for people across the country who were harmed by defective medical devices and other products. We'll fight for you, too. Contact us now for a free case review.



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Lost income and earning capacity

Current and future medical expenses

Pain and suffering/Any other harm suffered

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If so, you have the right to pursue a defective IVC filter lawsuit. The negligent manufacturer that designed, made and sold the device may owe you significant compensation. To learn more, contact Jim Adler & Associates today. An experienced IVC filter lawyer from our firm will review your case in a free consultation – with no obligation to you. If you choose to pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective IVC filter, we will start work on your case right away.  

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When an IVC filter fractures or migrates, it can cause a wide range of symptoms, including:

What you may be able to recover

If you suffered harm from a defective IVC filter, you may be entitled to a substantial recovery, including compensation for: 

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What you may be able to recover

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Chest Pain

Heart Rhythm Problems




Neck Pain

Shortness of Breath

Which IVC Filter Manufacturers are responsible?

While some IVC filters do not cause harmful side effects, others do, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified some of them.  In an IVC filter lawsuit, the manufacturers of such devices can be held accountable for the injuries they caused. The list of IVC filter manufacturers includes:


An IVC filter is a small, spider-like device that is designed to prevent pulmonary embolism in patients with a history of blood clots in their thighs or legs. A doctor inserts the device in the inferior vena cava, which returns blood from the lower half of the body to the heart. The filter should catch or filter blood clots before they reach the heart and lungs. 

Some IVC filters are  permanent. Others are  retrievable  and designed to be removed once the threat of a pulmonary embolism passes.  Concerns surround complications posed by retrievable IVC filters . These complications include: 

Device migration – The device moves into a dangerous position

Filter fracture – A piece of the device breaks off, causing injury

Embolization – The entire filter or fragments move into the heart and lungs

Perforation – The device perforates the inferior vena cava or other internal organs

Difficulty removing the device – The patient may need surgery to remove the device, but the IVC filter cannot be safely removed due to the risks associated with removal.

Boston Scientific of Massachusetts
which manufactures the Titanium Greenfield, a permanent IVC filter that gained FDA approval in 1989. Boston Scientific also makes the Stainless Steel Over-the-Wire Greenfield, a permanent IVC filter that was FDA-approved in 1995.

Cook Medical Inc. of Indiana
which makes the Cook Celect, a permanent IVC filter that was initially approved by the FDA for permanent use in 2007. The next year, the FDA approved a retrievable Cook Celect filter. Cook also makes the Gunther Tulip, approved by the FDA in 2000 for permanent use and in 2003 as a retrievable filter.

C.R. Bard
which manufactures the G2 IVC filter, which was approved by the FDA in 2005 for permanent use, with a retrievable G2l filter approved in 2008.

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