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Alexander Taylor’s parents knew their son should be a lawyer from an early age because he argued well and enjoyed it. Now he’s putting that skill to work for the clients of Jim Adler & Associates, whom he serves as a pre-litigation attorney in the Channelview office. “I knew that I wanted to be an attorney since I was in middle school,” Alexander says. “It seemed like the perfect job. You get to help people solve their problems, and every case is different, mentally stimulating and personally rewarding.” He followed his parents’ advice first by becoming captain of his high school debate team, where “the parts people hated — the minutiae, the gritty details — were what I enjoyed best.” Now, “I enjoy arguing with opposing counsel and insurance adjusters and pointing out facts of the case so our clients get what they deserve from a major personal injury event. Talking to clients, getting information, planning and then attacking adjusters and opposing counsel is very rewarding.” He finds it most rewarding to work with seriously injured clients “who really need help — who need someone to step in and make sure they don’t get taken advantage of. After a major personal injury, helping them get what they deserve — payments for medical bills and lost wages — is the best part of the job.” Born in College Station and raised largely in Bastrop, Alexander earned a BBA degree in Management at Texas A&M University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence at Houston College of Law. He’s been admitted to the State Bar of Texas, U.S. Southern District of Texas and U.S. Eastern District of Texas. He is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Texas A&M Former Students Association, Texas A&M Bar Association and Houston Bar Association. Newly married, he and his wife have two cats, and when not working he enjoys karate, blues harmonica, playing basketball and reading.
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