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Born in El Paso and raised in Mansfield, Texas, Christopher Harkey began his path to Jim Adler & Associates when, as a child, he read NAACP chief counsel Thurgood Marshall’s closing remarks on the U.S. Constitution in the landmark 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, after which the court declared “separate but equal” schools for whites and blacks unconstitutional. “Seeing how those words and the subsequent Supreme Court ruling changed the fabric of society was awe inspiring,” Christopher says. “And seeing Ruby Bridges escorted to school by federal marshals — seeing words take action — showed me how powerful the law and language really are.” Today Christopher fights for the underdog as a briefing attorney for the law firm while working on personal injury cases. “Tort reform has patently disadvantaged those who need help most, and I enjoy doing whatever it takes to fight those injustices,” he says. “It does not matter who you are. If you are hurt and we can help, we will be there.” Christopher earned his Juris Doctorate from Houston College of Law (formerly South Texas College of Law) after earning bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and government and a business certificate from the University of Texas at Austin. Now he works with “an unstoppable drive to know everything about a case. Whether it be areas of the law or the facts in front of me, I strive to have a complete mastery of the information to act.” His most rewarding cases? “The tough ones,” Christopher says, “where I have to think critically to proceed.” A member of the State Bar of Texas and State Bar College, Christopher has a cat named Nausicaä after the Japanese animated film Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind and a character in Homer’s epic Greek poem The Odyssey. Also a fan of the TV series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Christopher is most passionate about legal issues concerning international human rights and civil rights. “Law, at its essence, is about binding humanity together by creating an equal and just society,” he says. “The world is imperfect, and humans are imperfect, but that does not stop us from striving for more. Those two areas of law are universal constants that cross boundaries, identities and nations, creating an essence of human dignity.”
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