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By Jim Adler March 28, 2016

kprc interview on misreporting auto safety defects KPRC’s Joel Eisenbaum sat down with Jim Adler to discuss how some of the world’s largest automakers misreport consumer complaints on their vehicles’ safety defects to the federal government. Since 2003, auto manufacturers are required to inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about consumers’ car defect claims which include written letters and complaints, lawsuits and warranty claims on a quarterly basis. Honda and Chrysler are two of the large automakers that were fined $70 million each by the Department of Transportation for failing to send consumer complaints to the NHTSA. Meanwhile Volkswagen, which is currently dealing with an emissions scandal, has reported 11 times fewer consumer defect complaints than Honda. “Volkswagen’s statistics are so far out of the norm of whatever the other car manufacturers are reporting, ” said Adler. View the full story on KPRC Click2Houston Investigates.
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